Friday, January 13, 2012

He's Got The Groove

I feel like I need to start this post off by making a very direct statement. I do not and cannot dance. It is just that simple. I am so bad at dancing that the thought of it makes my stomach hurt and therefore, I do not do it. Pretty much ever. When Deaner and I got engaged several years ago, my in-laws gave us ballroom dance lessons to take before our weddings. Oh I cannot even tell y'all how much I dreaded those lessons with Julio each week for three whole weeks. Deaner cannot dance at all either but I don't think he feels as self-conscious about it as I do. Which brings me to Evans. I'm not entirely sure where he came from because that kid can break it down. Every time there is music playing in the car, or on the TV, or even, as you will able to see, when I play a xylophone for him, he has to dance. It all started with a shoulder shimmy that I saw him do one day and it has only grown from there. I've added several videos to prove what I am talking about. This first video was taken on Christmas day this year and the music is coming from his new Cars keyboard/drum set.
Our next dancing display is when I show off my musical talent on the xylophone. Evans might be able to dance but his skillz on the musical instruments are a bit lacking.
This push toy is one of Evans favorites now. He really likes to turn the music on here AND on his Cars keyboard at the same time. It doesn't make me feel like I'm going insane at all.

And last but not least here is a video of him dancing with his Aunt Donna. If you are wondering why there is a blank stare on his face it is because it was probably about 11:00pm when I took this and he was still awake. Who can sleep when there is dancing to be done?Now that he can stand up there is no telling what he will be capable of dancing wise next!


Jennifer said...

This is so cute and FUNNY! He really loves to open his mouth's so cute!