Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 2 of GIVE-A-WAY

Hi Everyone! I was sort of surprised yesterday at the lack of response to this give-a-way. Let me try and clarify a few things. First of all, you don't have to be a bride to enter this give-a-way and you don't even have to know anyone getting married! These are sterling silver charms and would be perfect for a charm bracelet or beautiful on a sterling necklace! Did anyone have a charm bracelet when they were a kid? I know that I did and it was loaded with these charms! What a great gift to give a young girl or to add to your own bracelet! Here is a list of all the awesome charms you can choose from if you are the lucky winner!

Couple - Next to marry
Ring - Next to become engaged
Airplane - Adventure in your life
Shamrock - Lucky in love
Baby carriage - Next new mother
Cupid - Next to fall in love
Heart - Everlasting love
Anchor - A life of stability
Flower - Love will bloom
Aladdin's lamp - Three wishes to come true
Alarm clock - You will always be on time
Amour - You are the love of his life
Anchor, cross & heart - Faith, hope, & charity
Angel - You are an angel to all
Apple - You are the apple of his eye
Baby bib - Blessed with children w/ good appetites
Baby bottle - next new mother
Baby blocks - Will have smart children
Baby booties - New baby on the way
Baby high chair - Blessed with healthy, happy children
Baby pacifier - Will be blessed with peaceful babies
Baby stork with Baby - Bundle of joy on the way
Baby's rocking horse - Will be blessed with children
Baseball cap - Will marry a baseball fan
Bible - A life full of peace
Binoculars - Will marry a good looker
Blue ribbon - Will marry a blue blood
Boxing gloves - Will marry a fiesty man
Brides & grooms toasting glasses - You will be the toast of the crowd
Bridesmaids disc or Bridesmaids heart charm - Bridesmaids gift
Camera - Picture perfect life
Capitol - You will marry a politican
Cash register - You will never be short of money
Cheese slice - You will marry the big cheese
Chili pepper - You are too hot to handle
Church - Your marriage will be blessed
Cinderella's carriage - You'll always be treated like a princess
Confederate flag - You will marry a southerner
Cross/Heart (celtic cross) - Hope, faith, & love
Crown - You will marry your prince
Cuckoo clock or grandfather clock - Your time for love and romance
Devil - You will marry a mischevious man
Dice - Gamble on love
Directors chair - You will be in the entertainment business
Do Not Disturb Sign - You will have a great honeymoon
Donkey - You will marry a stubborn man
Dove - A live of peace & love
Dynamite - You have a dynamite personality
Eiffel tower - A life of adventure
Fish - You are a great catch
First place trophy - You're #1 with him
Fleur de lis - Love will flower
Flower Girl Heart charm - She will always have a special place in your heart
Frog with crown - You will kiss several toads to find your prince
Frying pan - You will become a gourmet cook
Gavel - You will always be a fair minded person/mediator
Globe - You mean the world to him
Handcuffs - He will be your prisoner of love
High heel - Best dressed
Hope chest - keep hoping for the perfect guy
Hot air balloon - A life of leisure and fun
Hour glass - A major decision is near
Horseshoe - Good luck
House - A happy home will be yours
Irish Claddagh - Love, Friendship, & Loyalty
Just married car - Happy trails will be yours
Key - Many doors of opportunities will open for you
Key & heart - You will hold the key to his heart
Kissing Doves - You will have a romantic life together
Knight's head - You will find your knight in shinning armor
Knot - Next to tie the knot
Ladder - You will climb the ladder of success
Ladybug - Good luck will find you
Light bulb - You will light up his life
Luggage - You will travel to exotic places
Marriage certificate - Commitment sealed
Money bag - Good fortune is yours
Money tree - Money will grow on trees just for you
Motorcycle - You will marry the wild one
Oil derrick - You will strike it rich
Old lady in the shoe - You will have a house full of children
Owl - You will marry a wise man
Palm tree - You will live near the beach
Picture frame - Picture a happy life
Picnic basket - Life will be a picnic for you both
Piggy bank - You will always have a stash for a rainy day
Purse - You'll have lots of money to spend
Puzzle piece - You will complete each other
Rocking chair - Longevity
Ruler w/ apple - You will always measure up
Sailboat - You will sail through life on smooth seas
Scales - You will always find a balance in life
Ship - A cruise is in your future
Ship's wheel - Life of adventure
Shopping bag - Born to shop
Skateboard - You will skate through life with ease
Slot machine - Lucky in life
Smoker's pipe - You will marry a distinguished man
Space rocket - His love for you is out of this world
Spinning wheel or thimble - The old maid charm
Stop sign - Stop in the name of love
Sunglasses - Too cool for words
Telephone - Good news is coming
Tea pot - Best hostess/hospitality charm
Tennis racquet - You will marry an athletic man
Toasting glasses - A toast to a great life
Treasure chest - you will find a hidden treasure in life
Umbrella - You will always be showered with love
Unicorn - You will have a life of fantasy
Watering can - You have a green thumb
Wedding cake - A perfect wedding day is yours
Wedding bells - next to be married
Whisk - Best homemaker
Wishing well - A wish will come true
Wishbone in shamrock - Double good luck
Wishbone - A wish will come true
Wreath - Happy home

Here is how to enter:

1. Leave me a comment on this post for 1 entry
2. Become a follower (or let me know you already are a follower) for 1 entry
3. Post about this giveaway on your sidebar for 1 entry
4. Post about this giveaway in it's own post for 2 entries
5. E-mail me a picture of yourself or someone you know participating in this charm pulling tradition for me to post on my blog for 2 entries (

So, there are 7 ways that you can enter! I hope to see lots of other people's pictures!! I will draw a winner July 8th, one week from today! Head over to Peachtree Circle today to start picking out your favorite charms and don't forget to check out all the other great gifts as well!! Hope everyone has a great day!!


EmilyB said...

How fun!!! I just love the pics of your bridesmaids pulling out their charms from the cake. So adorable! So I guess this counts as a comment...and I'm already a follower....and I'll post later on today :)

Casey (@ Chaos and Cardboard) said...

I didn't realize there were so many choices! We did it for my sister's wedding and just had a few standard ones. I agree that it is such a fun tradition!

I am commenting, I follow, I will add to the sidebar, and I will try to get a pic from my sis, but no digital pics back then, so who knows :)

The Sweet Life said...

Comment Check

Follower Check

Post about giveaway Check Check

Email Picture Check Check\

Total of 6 entries…I absolutely love giveaways and I would love to win a charm. Thanks for the opportunity.

Annie said...

I am not a follower! Please count me in for a the charm giveaway! They are adorable!! thanks!

New Girl on Post said...

Sign me up Sarah! I think they are adorable.

Jane said...

Well with all those choices ... sign me up! And I'm already a follower ...

Unknown said...

1. I meant to do this yesterday and forgot! Count me in, I have a friend getting married in December and these would be perfect for her!
2. I'm a follower.
3. Added to sidebar.
4. Posted about it.
5. No pics. :(

Wila (aka Ali) said...

I love charms! Now that I know it's not just for brides, please count me in!!! :-) Thanks!

Casey (@ Chaos and Cardboard) said...

Posted in the sidebar!

Anonymous said...

love this idea!!

Lisette said...

Wow, how neat! I didn't even know those each had meanings So cute! I like the sailboat the most :D

Nicole Dever said...

Count me in!