Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

Don't even bother coming again another day if you don't want to! Today is your perfect example of the misery that is typical for German weather. It is dark, gloomy, chilly and rainy. Not the good kind of rainy where one can listen to awesome thunder, rather the kind that will soak you when you go out though it doesn't appear to be raining all that hard. I think I have heard thunder in Germany once since I have lived here in just over a year. I have zero plans for the day and that is going to make it go all the more slowly! UGH!

So last night I set about laying out clothes for our trip. I am an expert packer and usually by this point (my college buddies can vouch for this) my suitcase would have been packed and sitting outside my bedroom door for well over a week now. Girls, just think back to Spring Break 2003 please! However, being a slacker in this case hasn't really hurt me! Why you might ask? Because when you are 7 months pregnant you really don't have many options about what to bring and what not to bring! That cute sundress I last wore on our Costa Rican honeymoon last March? Well that won't even fit over my head at this point. So basically my choices are narrowed down to the maternity clothes that my mom and I bought while I was in Atlanta! I'm certainly not complaining about this. There will be no tears from trying clothes on that I want to bring only to find out they are just a bit too snug! The grand thing about maternity clothes is that THEY ALL FIT!!! With room to grow! I don't even have to try to suck in my stomach! While there are some aspects of being pregnant that are starting to wear on me, having stretchy clothes is not one of them! :) I made Deaner try on all his shorts last night and lets just say, I'm not envious that I didn't have to do this myself!

Now that I am not too worried about what is going with me to Greece I can relax and get ready to enjoy my trip! Last night was a long night and brought on a new experience for me. Hip pain. Nothing awful or completely unbearable but something that I know must be caused by my growing belly and something that is going to potentially make sleeping even more difficult than it already is. I mean, as if needing to pee 5 times a night isn't enough, now my hips start to hurt if I stay on one side or the other too long. Hopefully this is a passing phase. I am all too aware that the beds in Greece are supposed to be hard and small!

Anyways, I am off to try and make myself useful today. Something about this day makes me not want to clean. I surprisinly don't have any laundry to do either. Everyone say a little prayer that at least ONE of my boxes comes today so that I have something to play with later!!! Happy Wednesday!


MMM said...

Sorry it is a dreary day. It's 90 here! YUCK! Have you tried sleeping with a pillow btwn your legs for the hip pain...or buy the snoogle...God's gift to pregnant women. I couldn't have made it without my snoogle.

EmilyB said...

Your trip to Greece sounds like it will be amazing!! Take lots of pics -- that's a place I've always wanted to visit, but I'll just have to live it vicariously through you :) Hope the weather improves over there! It's boiling hot here!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I hope you have a great trip!!