Friday, May 14, 2010

Ikea Woes

Well really the only woe was that half of Germany decided to join us at Ikea today. Yesterday was a German holiday, thus the country shut down, and apparently everyone needed to hit up Ikea today at the exact time that Steph and I arrived. Lucky for us we got a parking space upfront and knew exactly what we wanted. Thankfully the closet that I wanted was still available (we only found this out after the customer service lady's computer froze and then crashed) but when she told me that it was still there I was happy enough to forget about it. I was also able to find some cheap drawer organizers because does anyone understand how tiny baby SOCKS are? I'd lose them all in a heartbeat if I hadn't found a little compartment to store them in.

Deaner got stuck at work and so I am still waiting on him to get home and start putting it together. The closet is way to heavy for me to carry upstairs alone. Steph and I had issues even getting it into the car! After carrying my suitcase up three flights of stairs on Wednesday and subsequently pulling a muscle in my abdomen, I think I will leave this one to Deaner. I'm not even positive he can lift it by himself! We will see how long this closet assembly takes because I am already getting hungry! Too bad it is only 5:19pm. If we get it together tonight I will make sure to take pictures! Currently I am sitting on the couch surrounded in mountains of baby clothes all freshly washed. Now they just need a home!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! We are cooking out with Steph and Jon tomorrow and it will be nice to get to catch up with my husband! Talk to y'all on Monday!

**Addendum: Today I saw this.That would be a dog in the stroller. Just chilling out and being pushed! Some people!


instant student said...

How funny!
I thought exactly the same when I saw a dog being pushed in a stroller (one especially designed for dogs though). But that was in the States. :)

About the closet...just open the box and carry it upstairs piece by piece if it is too heavy for you/your husband.

susanne said...

We saw a tall blonde woman in high heels and spandex (she was about 75!) pushing a dog in a hot pink stroller at Lake Blue Ridge a couple weeks ago.
WHAT is this world coming to???

Jennifer said...

I have see the ladies pushing their dogs in strollers quite often! It is ridiculous! What happened to taking a dog on a walk and letting it walk???? My best friend has a neighbor who does it daily and I have seen it numerous times on my walk from my car to my job because I work in a downtown area. It so crazy and funny!

I am glad they had a closet left!

Jon and Steph said...

Germans can be so weird! But I still like your idea of getting a large baby stroller and having Deaner push you in it. If you find one let me know, because I think that'd be a good job for Jon ;)


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