Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bad bad blogger

When you have nothing fun to say should you admit it or just ignore your blog all together? I tend to admit it because I don't like to go through disappearing spells. I do feel as though I have been hideously boring the past week or so. It is just that I am waiting on so many boxes of goodies that the lack of them appearing is giving me NOTHING to write about! I did check the mail today and get my shipment of books from Barnes and Noble. For anyone living overseas, it is 100% worth your while to be a B&M member. Free shipping all the time AND they arrive in less than a week. You just can't get that service anywhere else around here! I also got a gift in the mail today from my good friend Erin over at FamLee Traditions. She just had her baby 5 weeks ago so go check out her super cute baby pictures! Her package totally made my day!! I laid out for a little bit this afternoon before I got to hot and how I am just waiting on Deaner to come home. Hopefully some more exciting things will start happening to me so I don't lose all my readers!

Oh yeah, I e-mailed my doctor this morning and after my next appointment, I start going to the doctor every TWO weeks until the end of the pregnancy! That was enough to make me freak out a little bit! 13 weeks to go!


Sneaker Teacher said...

Good to know that being a BN member gets you free shipping (even internationally?) that is amazing. I paid for the automatic upgrade to next day shipping with amazon.de because I buy so many books that it's worth it, but it cost about 60 Euros to have that privilege. What does it cost to be a BN member? I wonder how prices compare... I feel like amazon has good prices, but I should check out BN too.

Jennifer said...

I have these times every week! I am such a boring blogger! haha! I don't know how I have readers! haha! I always like your posts, even when you don't have much to say!

Have a great afternoon!

MMM said...

Have you checked on Amazon prime? Does that work oversees? I LOVE it! Are you all packed for Greece? How about some blogs on what you're cooking. I need some more recipes!