Monday, May 10, 2010

My trip has pretty much concluded!

I can't believe how fast the time flies when I am at home. Seems like I just flew in last night and now I am making sure that my suitcase isn't overweight and packing to go home. My flight leaves at 4:40pm tomorrow afternoon and I know I will be sad to leave. On the flip side, I am super excited to get home and see Deaner. 10 days is a long time to be away from your husband! I am sure he is ready for me to get home and start making him dinner and doing his laundry again! :) Life alone can be hard!

This trip couldn't have been more fun. I promise when I get back to my own computer I will be posting pictures from the shower of all the fabulous stuff that I got. The crib mattress did arrive in Germany so I will be able to put the rest of the bedding in the crib when I get home! Which y'all know I can't wait to do! It might actually motivate me not to let my jet lag get the best of me and sleep all day. None of my boxes have arrived in Germany ahead of me but I imagine that I will see at least two of them in the next week or so. The parcel post package might get here before the baby is born! There are a few things that I will need shipped to myself before the baby comes (well really before our trip home in December) like the car seat cover that we were given by a family friend but I can't bring myself to make one more trip to the post office. They have taken enough of our (Deaner's) hard earned money already this week!

So, look for some good posts coming up, ones with actual pictures and purpose! I'll be looking forward to getting back into my routine at home and will be happy to share again with everyone. Also, everyone pray that things in Greece settle down a bit before the end of the month. We found out our trip is non changeable and non refundable so as long as things are stable, Athens here we come! :)