Thursday, May 13, 2010

Baby Shower Pictures

I know I have been promising these for a long time but I have been SO jet lagged since I have been back in Germany that I am just now getting the energy to post them! Plus, the angle that most of these pictures were taken at make me look enormous so I have been putting off posting them! Anyways......the shower was super fun and I got TONS of great things. It was at my Aunt Jennifer's house and it was co-hosted by my sister, Amelia, and one of my oldest and best friend's, Sarah Kate. When I got to Jennifer's house on Saturday I was able to get my cousin Thomas up from his nap. He was SO sweet and is just as cute as ever! He just wanted to hug me and I couldn't believe how sweet he was after not seeing me for 4 months!I hate the way my face looks as large as the moon in this picture but Thomas looks sweet so I had to give in. Here is a picture of me with my hostesses. My sister Amelia is on the left, then my Aunt Jennifer, me and my friend Sarah Kate.I got so many awesome things. I wish I could post pictures of everything but that would be impossible! So, I will have to pick the pictures where you can't see straight up my dress! The angle of the picture taker was not ideal so I have to edit!!A SUPER cute Ole Miss onesie. This baby has to be ready for Rebel football season!This next picture is a picture of the wonderful quilt that my friend Lee Lin quilted for Evans. I couldn't believe it when I saw it because it is so awesome. I can't wait for Evans to get to use it! I mean, I would hardly have the time to do something like this and she is a doctor!A few more pictures of me opening GREAT gifts!That is all the pictures of present opening where I look semi normal! And last but definitely not least here is a shot of all my college friends from Ole Miss that were able to make it to Atlanta for the shower. It was SO great to see them and they have no idea how happy I was that they came to see me! I don't get to participate in a lot of our get togethers so it was awesome that they made the shower one of them! The few that couldn't make it were certainly missed!It was a blast. My mother-in-law also had a shower for me on Sunday evening with Richard's mom's side of the family and it was super nice to be able to catch up with them. I have some pictures of that but I have a giant wet spot on my dress because a friend's little girl sat on my lap with a wet bathing suit. Ha. All and all the showers were fantastic.

Really, my whole trip was great. The rest of the week was filled with outlet mall shopping, dinner with friends nearly every night, cash and carry at the Atlanta Mart, estate sale shopping with my mom and her friend and LOTS AND LOTS of eating. I am literally scared to step on the scale at the doctor's next week because I just KNOW this is the month of the big gain! :) Not that I really care! I go again next Thursday and I have the glucose test. Keep your fingers cross that I pass it! Deaner won't be able to go with me this time because he has to go to Brussels and I just didn't want to reschedule my appointment again. I already had to make an appearance there yesterday after flying in because I have an ear infection and needed to pick up an antibiotic prescription.

Anyways, in my extreme sleepiness I am starting to ramble. I'll wrap this up but two of my boxes from the States already arrived so I have lots of pictures to share with y'all tomorrow! Off to pat out some burgers for our dinner!


Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

What a sweet shower! I especially love the quilt.

Jennifer said...

You look so cute! I love the dress you wore! That quilt it stunning! It makes me want to learn to quilt!!!

susanne said...

Well, I had to take to my bed after THAT whirlwind trip! Only three months to rest up for our upcoming visit to see the Baby Deanerschnitzel.

Anonymous said...

What a great visit you had!Love seeing the pictures. Your mom is so funny....Baby Deanerschnitzel....probably needs to be monogramed on a bib!!! Michele