Friday, September 11, 2009

We Are Going Home!!

Home to Germany that is! The day has finally come to leave England and get the heck back home! Too bad that it is only 10:00am here and our flight doesn't leave until almost 10:00pm tonight. What a nightmare. After my 1.5 hour stint in the car this morning I am back in my red pleather chair in the corner of the library. Deaner thinks he will be done with work today by noon so God knows what we will do to kill the time before heading to the airport. I am just SUPER ready to be sleeping in my bed (or mattress and box spring on the floor) and not in this gross hotel. Our dinner in the hotel restaurant last night was excellent, just as it was the first night, but it was another long night of no sleep for me. Deaner has a man cold and not only was he snoring when he breathed in, he was snoring when he breathed out. I don't even know how this is physically possible but I swear it is the truth. I've never heard such cacophony in my life. I woke him up once to tell him to roll over but when he promptly started sawing logs from his side, I just let him be. Tonight has got to be a better night!

Above is a picture from the sunset last night here in Northern England. Isn't is pretty? I noticed it as I was playing on the computer while sitting on the bed. Of course Deaner made me go take a picture of it even though I was in short sleeves and it was really cold outside!! I'm glad I did though! Here is the picture of me that Deaner took......Who doesn't love that I am wearing a redneck John Deere shirt?? I love it! :)

I just thinking about what we did on our holiday Monday back at the beginning of the week when I realized I had not posted about our adventures to Sherwood Forest. Deaner had the bright idea that it would be great to see Sherwood Forest on the way to Menwith Hill from Croughton. I agreed since it was only about 1.5 hours out of the way and we had all day to make our way to Menwith Hill. The first problem came when we had so much trouble actually finding Sherwood Forest. Despite the false advertising, there isn't much left of the FOREST and it was not as easy to locate as we thought it would be. Thank god for the GPS. Secondly, when we arrived, we were starving. Starving enough that we wanted to eat at the little "Round Table" restaurant before making the trek to see the Major Oak. I ordered a tomato and cheese sandwich assuming that it would be toasted. Nope. Just a pile of grated cheese on a white roll. When I asked the server if it was possible to get it toasted he replied with "Yes, but that would have been called a 'toasted cheese and tomato sandwich' and if you get it toasted, you don't get those fries with it". Huh?? Why the hell does getting a toasted sandwich mean that I don't get fries?? Nice logic. Anyways, I digress. We finally set off on the 15 minute walk to the Major Oak. This is the tree that Robin Hood supposedly "hid" in, back in the day. However if you do the math that is really impossible since this tree would have only been a sapling back then. When we rounded the bend and saw this....I was not super impressed. As you can tell by MY picture with the Major Oak.Deaner on the other hand wanted to stare at it all day and read every bit of information on it.Well, not really all day but......he really liked it! We both agreed that the tree was beautiful but 1.5 hours out of the way was a bit far just for this. At $10 for a gallon of gas, save your money folks! At least now we can say we have been to Sherwood Forest...but we probably won't be returning, sorry Friar Tuck! That just about wraps up our trip to England. The highlights at least! I can't wait to get back to cooking in our own kitchen and not having to eat out every meal. Gosh, that gets old fast! Of course going back to Germany means picking up where we left off on the internet problems AND visits from George! Wish us a safe flight!


New Girl on Post said...

Seriously Sarah...your posts like these make me laugh.

Loved the pic of you by the tree.


old dad said...

Thanks for the updates, I agree with the new girl that your comments are good for getting the day started off with a smile.

Safe travels, and good luck with the internet.

loved the pictures from Merry Ol' England.

susanne said...

Gosh, the Angel Oak tree outside Charleston is bigger than that!
BUT, Deaner DID get to finally see Sherwood Forest. Did you get him a green hat with a feather in it?? AND some green leggings?? Maybe for Christmas.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

That tree is huge! Be careful going back!