Friday, September 4, 2009

Croughton, England

Who has ever heard of a hotel without internet?? Seriously? Our room has 2 flat screen TV's and 4 sinks. FOUR SINKS! How about giving me one sink, one flat screen and some Wi-Fi! I just don't understand. Don't get me started on the DOUBLE bed. So I am currently at the base library and I have 26 minutes left before I am involuntarily logged off. This base is pretty crappy. Deaner said that there are only 7 teachers at the elementary school because there are only like 40 kids there. It is in the middle of a cow pasture. I think I might have to pass on the next trip out here! There is one restaurant on base and it requires reservations and is only open until 9pm. Hopefully we can get in so we can at least eat tonight! :) Tomorrow we are going to try and get an early start to London. I'm hoping the weather is okay and not raining on us. We have to be back here in our room with cold beer and hot pizza by 8:30pm for the UGA kickoff. Where we are going to get that hot pizza, I am not sure yet! Sunday we are heading to Stonehenge but again must return by 8:30 for the Ole Miss kick off against Memphis. We might be in Europe folks, but we still have our priorities straight!


Practically Perfect... said...

4 sinks?! Yeah, that's pretty weird. At least you were able to get on at the base library. Have fun at Stonehenge!

Anonymous said...

South Carolina 7
NC State 3

Boise 19
Oregon 8

It has begun.

susanne said...

GO DAWGS and we love our REBS!!!