Thursday, September 10, 2009

Not A Great Day

So, yesterday was NOT the best day. I have been so stressed out with my grandfather being sick that I was a bit caught off guard to get an e-mail from Deaner's mother saying that HIS grandfather was also sick. Apparently Deaner's Pa-pa was unconscious and not responding to being woken up so he was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with kidney failure. As it turns out, Pa-pa was severely dehydrated which could have brought on the kidney failure and at least he has stabilized a little bit as of yesterday afternoon. It has been quite a week for us with now BOTH of our grandfather's being sick. I think we are both missing home a lot right now and wondering what in the world we are supposed to do from half a world away! It isn't as easy as jumping on the next flight. There are such things as false alarms and it is so hard to tell!

Anyways, yesterday Deaner and I had to change hotels because the one that we were in wasn't available for our last two nights in town. Talk about a bummer! The Cold Cotes Inn was fantastic! I didn't take a picture of the inside of our room because we messed it up so quickly but here are two shots of the outside.Our room was in the second picture which is referred to as "the barn". Our room was spacious, newly renovated, fantastic bathroom ect. I was very impressed. Our breakfast was served to us each morning and I ate fresh fruit, soft cheeses, fresh sliced tomato and whole grain toasted bread. It is making my mouth water to think about it. One afternoon when Deaner couldn't come pick me up for lunch the owner made me potato and leek soup with fresh baked bread, butter and cheese. While I have to admit that it was a little annoying that our room had "spotty" internet, AT BEST, I would have much preferred to have stayed there last night and again tonight.

Our new hotel leaves MUCH to be desired. The hotel APPEARS to be a cute quaint English Pub, and it is, but I will never stay here again. Here are some pictures of the place I took this morning. As you can see, it is a stunning day outside!Pretty picturesque huh? Take a look of the view out of our windows...I know, I know. It looks stunning right? Well the room is just plain yuck. It is small, old, loud and I quite possibly had the worst night sleep there EVER. I slept hard until about 3am when Deaner got up to go to the bathroom. Then it was game over for me. The light was shining underneath the door, I could hear someone in another room coughing, and Deaner had some snoring action going on (he has been doing the annoying throat clearing thing for a day or two now so I hope he isn't getting a cold!). It was awful. So awful in fact that when the alarm for Deaner went off at 6:30am I jumped up, out of bed, into the shower and announced I was coming to work with him. I would rather sit in this library for 8 hours than stay in that crappy hotel room all day long alone (even if the internet does work there!). I am starting to like the little nook in the library where I have been hanging out. The only problem this morning was that I didn't realize the library didn't open until 10:00am and I got here at 8:30!! Oh well, I just sat in the car and read. I may or may not have taken a little snooze!

I just got back a little bit ago from lunch with Deaner and now I have an afternoon of internet browsing to do. I'm in need of some Christmas present ideas for family members this year if anyone has any good suggestions. I need some new ideas. And I like to start shopping early so that we aren't caught off guard and don't have to spend tons of money in December. Bring it on, I have tons of time on my hands to browse the internet at suggestions! Hope everyone is having a good day. Only two more days and one night in crummy old England!


Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

So sorry to hear that both your's and Deaner's grandfathers are ill :-(

The first hotel looks really cute, and so does the second, but I know what you mean about noises keeping you awake. I have to have it completely dark, no lights, nothing, and if Chris is even breathing too loud, it keeps me awake. I'm the worst bed partner EVER. Hopefully tonight will be a bit more restful :-)

susanne said...

I think I'm going to buy you a sound machine for Christmas. It is the best thing for sleeping!

Mrs. Luke said...

Sound machine is a great idea- I want one like baby Thomas!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Sorry to hear about your family not being well.