Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wedding Pictures

Here is the frustrating part....I have already gotten the professional albums back from the wedding but the CD's aren't ready yet so I can't upload any of the really good pictures yet! I am relying on pictures taken by friends that have been loaded onto Facebook. I am pretty impressed with some of them though and I think that it will give y'all an idea of the way that things looked. I still feel like I am walking on a cloud after the best day of my life. I just had SO much fun. The picture above is of myself and two of my bridesmaids, Julia and Christina. We went to middle school together and I was honored to have them be apart of our day. I was in both of their weddings as well. This picture gives you an idea of what the bridesmaid dresses looked like.

Here is a picture of me putting the dress on. If the zipper had been any lower I wouldn't have been able to post this but I think it is okay! That is my sister helping me.

This is how I wore my hair. I loved it because it was easy and I didn't have to worry about it starting to look bad. For those who know me they know that I am an obsessive hair brusher. I constantly brush my hair so this was a great solution!

Here are a few pictures of me dancing with Deaner and with my dad. I just love them because I love to see the bustle of my dress. My sister did a good job bustling it but we also appreciated the help from the caterer!!

Here is a group of my oldest friends. Our mother's met when we all lived in Ansley Park growing up. Meredith and Tucker are my oldest friends and Meredith initially didn't think she would be able to make it to the wedding at all. She was pregnant and her son was due 2 weeks before the wedding. We were pretty sure she wouldn't be able to take a baby that young on the airplane but Baby J came 3 weeks early thereby making him 7 weeks by the time it was time for my wedding. I didn't think Meredith was coming but she surprised me at my bridesmaids luncheon. I had no idea she was coming. Here is also a picture of her, me, and Baby J, who is adorable!
Below is the scene at the "getaway". I have better pictures of that coming but this one gives an idea. These are some of my favorite pictures from the wedding. I just love how neat the background of the Fox looks! It is amazing how hard some people will try and pelt you with SILK flowers! I'm glad we stuck with silk because real petals were super expensive and there is no way that I would have known the difference while caught up in the moment!

Anyways, there are more pictures to come. I will scan a few of my favorites next time I am at my parent's house. I'll also put up a post in the next day with the honeymoon pictures. Deaner and I move on Friday so it is going to be a hectic week but I've got my priorities straight! Blog first, packing second! :)


Anonymous said...

WOW! What a fabulous wedding! You must have had an incredible wedding planner!!

Anonymous said...

You must have a wonderful mother.


Casey said...

You looked beautiful!! So glad to hear everything went well. Can't wait to see more pictures. Good luck with packing!

Jon and Steph said...

Oh my gosh how weird, what a small world. I am SO glad that you found my blog! My husband works for DOD as well.
We definitely will have to get together when you arrive, since I am assuming you won't have a vehicle for a while. We would be more then happy to show you all around.
Yes, I can totally understand why you would be nervous. It's definitely nerve racking for a while, but it's such a great experience! and Wiesbaden is a wonderful city.
Congratulations on getting married! You all had a beautiful wedding!! We look forward to meeting you guys.

Allison said...

Love your dress! Hope to see more photos soon!

LBandJ said...

awww, love the pic of you and T-bear!