Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Last Night At Home

I am currently lying in bed amidst about 400 boxes and it just dawned on me that tonight is our last night in our condo! I am so sad! I know that originally I said that our packers were coming on Wednesday but guess who showed up this morning at 9:30am!? Who has ever heard of movers coming a day early? Not me. So you can't even come through our front door anymore there are so many boxes. Deaner is going to stay home in the morning with them to finish up and then I will take over duty at noon when I get off work. Tomorrow is my last day of work. I am not sad at all about leaving my job but I will be sad to say goodbye to a few people. We had dinner tonight with two of our favorite people in Atlanta. I was really sad to say goodbye when we got home from dinner but I made it through it okay. My game plan was to make it quick because I know that if I lingered too long I was going to start crying. Z & J brought us the coolest gift tonight that I can't wait to see again when I unpack all of our things in 8 weeks. It is a set of heavy stone coasters and each one has a photograph of a different one of our favorite bars in Virginia Highlands. What a cute idea! I thought at first they made them but they came from a super cute store called Festivity. Apparently they had several differnent landmark places in Atlanta to choose from. I thought it was such a great idea!

Tomorrow our condo will be empty. We are staying at my parent's house the next two nights until our flight on Friday afternoon. Not sure of our plans tomorrow night but Thursday night my whole family is coming over for dinner. I am almost positive I will cry then but Friday is my biggest fear. When I start to think about saying goodbye to my parents I get a huge lump in my throat.

Anyways, if I don't post for the next few days it is because I can't get internet at my parents house. I'm not positive they have wireless but I know I can plug into the wall. Signing off from my last night at home!


MMM said...

I'm thinking about you and I can remember exactly what you are going through. I cried and cried when I left my house for the last time. You'll be back, but it will be different. You have to keep reminding yourself of all the amazing adventures you are about to have. You will do great and you will be fine! Take lots of pictures and be sure to blog a lot. That is what I did. Check back at my posts after my wedding when we moved. Maybe you'll find some comfort in them. Enjoy the next few days and remember it is okay to cry. Call me if you need to chat. Love you!

Anonymous said...

It makes me sad........but what a great time you will have....and there is nothing wrong with being sad...It's a part of life...I just love that old condo..

Emory said...

That post almost made me cry. It is always hard leaving your house for the last time but I know you are going to do great! So many fun adventures are in store for you and I think you will never be short of visitors.

Jon and Steph said...

I'm so sorry, I know it's hard! It's sad seeing everything being packed up and your place completely empty!
But you're in for a GREAT adventure!