Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I wish these movers were GONE! I was pretty good natured about them yesterday but now I am just wondering why they aren't finished yet! I think that I got shafted on my "mover duty" today since Deaner got the morning shift while the TV AND the bed were still set up! I am sitting on the hardwood floor in the spare bedroom in an alcove where our over sized arm chair used to sit. I wish I had taken some pictures to post but it would be more of a pain to find my camera! I would be inclined to start loading up my car with the suitcases that are coming with us but the moving truck has our staircase blocked off. I think I am being held captive here! I started to sweep the place to get a head start on cleaning it up but every time they move something else I am attacked by dust bunnies again! Where does all this dust come from? I think my mom is making matters worse because she keeps calling me and telling me about all the fun things we can do when I am done here. I get to go pick out a new serving piece of sterling, go to the Swoozie tent sale, and out to lunch. Sadly, I don't see those things happening this afternoon. I hope they bust a move because I am not wanting to spring for lunch again like I did yesterday!! Call me a scrooge!!