Sunday, March 22, 2009

Part II Honeymoon in Tamarindo

After being rained on for almost three days consistantly we left Arenal and headed for the beach in Tamarindo. Nothing could have prepared me for how incredible Tamarindo was. From what I hear Tamarindo is pretty "built up" these days by local standard but it seemed pretty small and quaint to me. Everything was stunning. Here are a few pictures of our honeymoon bungalow and of the view from our beach chairs. We pretty much parked ourselves in them for 5 days straight. Me in the sun and Deaner in the shade. It was awesome!

Us at sunset...........

The sunsets were truly unbelievable. Every night it appeared that the sun dipped down into the water. I have never seen a sunset so beautiful. The next picture is where this little masseuse would set up shop every morning. A 60 minute massage was only $40! I couldn't believe it. She was incredible and I would do anything to have a person like that set up shop like that in Atlanta. It was so cheap!

Our honeymoon bungalow........

Here are a few randoms to leave y'all with. The one of Deaner is at a place called Witch's Rock. It was a great surf camp that made the best nachos I have ever eaten. Cold beer and nachos = happy couple! If anyone wants to look at the rest of the pictures, I have them linked on "My Photo Albums" on the right hand side. More later!!


it is everlasting said...

I just found your blog from Andi at Kelly Green & Navy... My husband and I are going to Costa Rica in January and will be in Arenal and Tamarindo. We haven't booked anything yet and I would love to get more specific info on some of the stuff you did. Can you e-mail me? Thanks!!