Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mrs. Deaner!!!!!!

Just a few teasers to leave you guys with....Everything went SO well yesterday! People always say that SOMETHING will go wrong on your wedding day and you just have to roll with the punches. Nothing really went wrong (for me) and things ran very smoothly! It has been an incredible weekend and I can't wait to share more when we get back from Costa Rica. The picture I posted is of the Fox Theatre marquee that was running all day yesterday. Loved it and can't wait to see the professional pictures. There was a matinee showing of A Chorus Line during our reception so the cop stopped traffic on Peachtree Street and let us cross the street so we could take a picture with the marquee in the background. Everyone on the street and in their cars started cheering and clapping for us when we got out of the car and when we were crossing the street.

Here are just some of the glitches that occurred yesterday......more details to follow after the honeymoon!!

1. Deaner's tuxedo vest malfunctioned at the very beginning of the ceremony and when we went to sit down while on the alter I noticed something gathering in his crotch. The vest was FALLING off! We had to discretely re-attach him while sitting in front of 250 people.

2. One of our bar tenders appeared to be VERY intoxicated during the reception. Unfortunately he was having a HEART ATTACK!! Holy Crap!! He had to be taken out in a wheelchair and taken in an ambulance to the hospital. Thankfully, I didn't notice that any of this was going on until my brother told me later.

3. Our "get-a-way" car wasn't allowed to turn into the Ritz-Carlton because the pro basketball team playing the Hawks last night was unloading at the same time we arrived.

4. Deaner and I went to meet his dad in the valet turn around to pick up our luggage after we were dropped off. Deaner slipped on the cobblestone and fell FLAT on his butt. Once I ascertained that he was ok, I cracked up.

5. One of my cousins got hammered and I had to ask her to leave the after party. I was embaressed for her. My other cousin got hit on by every man there under the age of 40 and not limited to those who were single. I overheard someone refer to her as "phenomenal"! :)

There are SO many other stories and I will have a solid 9 days to think about which ones to tell first! I don't THINK we are bringing our laptop with us but it is still up for discussion since we won't have a TV in our bungalow. Y'all probably won't hear from me though!! I'll miss writing!!!


d.a.r. said...


Mrs. Newlywed said...

aw yay! Congratulations!!! I cannot WAIT to see the pictures!

Casey said...

Yeah yeah yeah! Congrats! I was thinking about you guys yesterday! And, how awesome to have a blog. You will be so glad you wrote down those little funny things later! :)

Enjoy Costa Rica. Post pictures soon!

MMM said...

Everything was PERFECT! Congrats Mrs. Deaner! Where's my photo credit for that picture? Ha, Ha! Have a wonderful time in Costa Rica. I can't wait to see pictures. I'm so glad I could be there to see you get married. Hope you enjoyed the surprise as much as I did. I love you!

New Girl on Post said...

Congrats! I can't wait to see the pictures!

Oh..and I cannot believe the heart attack story! That's crazy!