Sunday, March 22, 2009

Honeymoon Pictures

Our honeymoon was pretty much the best trip ever. And we have been some pretty fun places! We flew into San Jose, Costa Rica on Monday morning. Our plan was to drive approximately 3.5 hours from San Jose to Arenal, Costa Rica, which is the home to the worlds largest active volcano. We were advised that it would be best to get a car with 4 wheel drive because the roads in Costa Rica aren't the best. Deaner told me that he booked us a Jimmy (so I'm thinking GMC Jimmy) when in fact, he had booked us THIS!!
Who knew there was such thing as a Suzuki Jimny but there is and we had it! Our hotel in Arenal was a little more rustic than I was expecting but it ended up being fine. Here is a shot of the pool area. The roof that can be seen on the right is the "honeymoon bungalow" where we stayed. The views were beautiful. Probably would have been even greater if we had seen the volcano! More on that in a second.

This is a picture of what the volcano supposedly looks like. I didn't buy it and was correct not too!
This is more of what it looked like! In fact, these are the best two pictures that I got in all of three days! I will admit that we actually SAW lava flowing down the side of the volcano on the last night but we never came close to seeing the top!

While we were in Arenal we did the Canopy Sky Tour, better known as the zip lines. The day that we the zip lines the weather was really crappy. I was disappointed but as it turns out, the rain had zero affect on how awesome the adventure was. Check out how long those cables are! Most of them were over half a mile long and 615 feet in the air! It was super awesome and I would recommend it to anyone visiting Costa Rica. We also went white water rafting but I am waiting for our new found friend to send us the pictures from that.

The only part of these zip lines that was mildly frightening to me was the fact that I didn't actually make it to the end of cable above! I didn't have enough speed I guess and I didn't make it to the platform. I had to let go of the handles, grab the cable, and pull myself up the rest of the way. As least I made it 90% of the way. I would not have appreciated it if I was dangling 615 feet in the air over a rain forest!!

This post is already too long so stay tuned for Part II. of the honeymoon pictures from the beach at Tamarindo. They are worth it!! Also, I need to update everyone on the big move! At this time next week I will be officially living in Germany! Makes me feel like I am going to throw up thinking about it!!


Jon and Steph said...

Isn't the canopy tour the funnest thing!

Sondre Lyn said...

What great pix of what looks like an amazing honeymoon! And the wedding pix, too. I loved your hair and dress. So beautiful! It's so cool that you will be on HHI. Wow!

Thanks for visiting my blog! I have enjoyed reading yours and can't wait to read more!