Friday, March 27, 2009

Signing off from The States!

Ok, well, the day I have been dreading is finally here and I have made it half way through. I survived dinner last night just fine and was totally impressed with myself. Then the phone rang this morning at 8am and my first instinct was to start crying. Deaner had to take our Jeep over to his dad's house, who is keeping it for us while we were gone, and then his dad drove him back to my parent's house. When his dad left after saying goodbye to us I had another mini break down. Luckily my mom suggested we run over to the Swoozie tent sale (one more time) and shop. I got got two really great things but I can't mention what they are because they are presents for people. If you are in Atlanta this sale is going on thru Tuesday and it is well worth a visit. Deaner's mom came over around 11:30am to say bye and that made me sad again. Around 1pm we packed up the car and headed downtown to pick up my dad at his office. We enjoyed our last lunch at the Varsity drive in before heading to the airport. I was completely fine the whole way in the car until they pulled up to drop us on the curb. Then I lost it and said that I wasn't going with Deaner because I would rather stay with my mom. I cried the whole time standing in line to check in and I am actually rather surprised that no one asked me if I was being taken against my will. How easy it must be to kidnap someone! Now we are sitting in the Crown Room enjoying a beer. My eyes are killing me. I put in some eye drops so I don't LOOK like I have been crying but my eyes still FEEL like it. Deaner is on his 3rd vodka tonic. I'm not sure if I will be thanking his dad's for these passes yet or not! As long as I don't have to carry him onto the plane. I know that the drinks are relaxing him because he has already done 2 ridiculous things:

1. He is wearing converter pants today. You know, the ones that are long khaki pants and can zip off at the knee and turn into shorts? Well he claimed he was hot and made them into shorts. The problem? He is wearing high top WALLABEES as shoes. He looks ridiculous!! But he was a good sport and let me take a picture of him! I'll post that later.

2. He just brought back a plate full of food to our table that included some feta cheese. He stated that he loved Feta cheese and that at some point in his life he planned on being a "goat cheese maker". Wha???? This is news to me but I'll let it concern me when I see him start to act on it!

Ok, so right now I am about to shoot the screaming child in the Crown Room. ATTENTION PARENTS: When your child is acting like an ASS, please remove them from the QUIET AREA! No one else wants to hear them scream! So rude. Anyways, I am about to sign off. We don't board for another hour or so but I figure I might want to let Deaner have some time on the computer before we leave. Plus, I know I have to call my mom at LEAST one more time which will probably bring on another round of tears. I need to inform her that my brother just called and told me that he was planning on visiting me this summer in late July. The problem? My sister is getting married in late July and apparently he is not aware of this! :) Next time I post I will be living in Germany! That is, if I make it sitting in the middle seat in the middle row! Yuck!


Casey said...

Oh man do I remember that day. I cried and cried. My parents cried. His parents cried. And I had to run through the airport with a cat after insisting on Mexican food "one last time." Luckily, home is always a plane ride away.

Welcome to our side of the world. The weather should be getting better soon!

Jon and Steph said...

I cried like a baby the day we left! Over and over and over again! There's nothing wrong with being upset! It's a huge life changing experience! But at the end of the day it's a wonderful adventure you two get to experience together. It will make you closer, because all you have is each other.

Like Casey, Welcome to Europe! Looking forward to meeting you guy!

Allison said...

Yeah I cried my EYES out. And the worst part was that Paul was already in Germany, so I was ALL alone sitting at the gate (you know, cuz you can't bring non-ticketholders with you these days...FREAKING TERRORISTS RUINING THE TRAVEL EXPERIENCE!!) bawling my eyes out. I'm sure the other passengers were like, "great , who is this nut case who will be riding with us for the next 10 hours..."

Gleatie said...

That is pretty much the way that it went. Deaner would say "uh-oh it is happening again". I just couldn't stop crying, especially when I thought about my mom. There is no way in hell I could make that flight alone. Allison, you are strong! I think I would have refused! Off to take a serious nap!