Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hardest Day of my Life!

I think that today has been one of the hardest days of my lives. We landed this morning around 8am and the flight was not the best. I can hardly complain about the actual flying of the airplane since it was a fairly smooth flight but I swear to god I cried the whole time. I would be almost asleep and would jolt awake and start crying. I cried when we landed, when our bags came out, and when we got to the hotel around 9am and they told us our room wouldn't be ready until 3pm. I was so tired and my eyes hurt so freaking bad. I think that the guy at the receptionist desk picked up on it because he gave us someone else's room. Thank god. Deaner and I ran to the restaurant downstairs, ate lunch, and came upstairs for a good nap. When we woke up around 3pm or so we tried to use our new Magic Jack thingie that should have allowed us to call home. It wouldn't work and I'm sure you can guess how I reacted. I think we have figured out that the hotel has a firewall against it so we can't use it here. Normally I would have been able to Skype my parents but since they are at their lake house this weekend they don't have their laptop with them. No contact has been really hard for me but I can't imagine that it would have been much better if I had been able to talk to them. Another thing that has upset me today was the guy that Deaner will be working with that picked us up at the airport. He insisted that he swing by this house that he knew the people were moving out of today because he told us that if we didn't take the house that we would be looking at crap for the next 3 months and that we would never find anything as good as it. This really freaked me out. How can you take someone to see a house when they have just gotten off a 9 hour flight to a foreign country and tell them that sort of thing? So I am bent out of shape about that too but hopefully we will get it worked out.

The hotel is not that bad. I was expecting much worse but check back in a few days and I'll update you if I haven't seen any roaches or anything else gross! After our nap we took showers and walked downtown. I took lots of pictures and the above picture is one of the church that is in the middle of the city. Our hotel window actually looks over it. Sweet! We had a beer at an Irish Pub (where the bartender asked us if we could help him make "american wing sauce") and then we at dinner at an American Sports Bar. I know it wasn't branching out much but it was on our walk home and I was starting to get really tired. So now we are back in our hotel room, Deaner appears to have fallen asleep already, and I am waiting for my mom to e-mail me back! I think we are about to get a basketball game though on AFN. I'll have plenty more details tomorrow. I have a feeling that it is going to be as hard as today because I am going to be really worried about Deaner starting work and leaving me alone. Obviously I know it is going to happen but I'm still nervous about it. However, my mom challenged me to go 45 minutes without crying and now I have gone ALMOST 5 hours without crying! Baby steps!!

By the way, I promised this picture yesterday!


d.a.r. said...

Hang in there!!!

Casey said...

Welcome! It will get better, I promise. Don't stress about house. We found ours in a week. You will find something you love. Don't settle! A big bonus is that your hotel has internet. This is a PLUS! How did you like AFN?

Allison said...

Yeah I second what Casey said. Do NOT rush into getting a house. We did that because we were so sick of the hotel, and then ended up moving a year later because we didn't really get a house that we liked.

The first week is hard....I cried a lot too :)

Anonymous said...

How can you be sad with a husband that looks so cute in shorts and hightops.........!!!

MRU said...

I'm glad you have internet access! Five hours is very good! I'm proud of you. Just try to stay busy. That is the key. Can't wait to see more pictures---keep on taking them and uploading them. I sent you a few of baby J today. Go find some German gummy bears. That will cheer you up. =)(Oh and can you send me a pack or two?)

Jon and Steph said...

Seriously, take your time. The housing office will help you find a place! And you will be able to look on your own. We found our place in no time! That guy was a jerk to do that to you guys right when you arrived!

Keep your head up!
Isn't that cathedral beautiful! I love the downtown area.

New Girl on Post said...

It'll get better I swear. In the beginning with the culture shock and jet lag it can reduce anyone to tears.

If you ever need to talk you can email me!