Sunday, March 1, 2009

Conflicting Weather Forecast

Getting marring in March was a risk and I have always known that there was a solid chance that it would be freezing on March 7th. I have been planning to wear a family fur if it was cold but I have been praying for warmer weather. This picture is what my parent's house looked like this morning. Nice. It hasn't stopped snowing all day. Yesterday at 6pm it was 60 degrees. The forecast for the big day is 70 degrees and sunny. Something seems wrong with this to me but this is Atlanta and I have seen the weather change faster than that!


New Girl on Post said...

Your wedding is coming up so fast! I'm praying for good weather for you.

Bethell Family said...

HEy it snowed the week of our wedding...there has to be some sort of good luck! haha

Nicole said...

Only Sarah Gleaton could make the temperature jump 40 degrees for her wedding!