Monday, February 2, 2009


While my friends were here for my bachelorette party this weekend I was treated to one of the funnier stories that I have heard in awhile. I know that it can't possibly come across as funny as it was in person listening to my friend Erin tell it, but I am hoping I don't butcher it.

As we were enjoying our dinner in the hot air balloon of Taxco, my friend Erin recounted a story of a recent dinner she and her husband enjoyed (I use the word enjoy loosely) at a Mexican restaurant in Nashville. Erin was consuming her favorite dish of a bean burrito and a side of beans. I know I know, dangerous. She said that as she scooped up the last bit of beans and was savoring the bite she was more than surprised to hear (and feel) a loud CRRRRRRUUUUUUUUNCH. She said that her heart almost stopped, as mine would have, and she could feel her heart beating in her throat. She spit out the mystery object and said it was small and white. Her first instinct was to say that it was a HUMAN TOOTH! I know, my stomach is churning right now just thinking of that possibility. You can imagine her relief when upon further inspection she realized that is was a ROCK. A small white rock just sitting there in her beans waiting to crack her tooth out. The story only gets funnier from here.

In attempts to calm her nerves she excused herself from the table and instructed her husband to "deal with the situation". When she came back from the bathroom the waiter still had not shown up. Steve (husband) proceeded to accidentally drop the rock on the floor but don't worry, he got down on his hands and knees to find it. The second that Steve left to use the restroom the waiter approached the table. The conversation went like this........(think Spanish accent):

Waiter: "Everything good for you tonight ma'am?"
Erin: "Well, actually we had a bit of a problem. I found this rock (produces rock) in my bean burrito and I bit down on it".
Waiter: "WHA?? A rock in your bean buuuuuuurittttto?? Oh'am.....I so sorry about that rock in your burritttoooo"!
Erin: "I just wanted to let you know in case it was a bad batch of beans and perhaps you needed to throw them all out" (read -- please comp my meal -- it is the least you can do)
Waiter: "I so so sorry ma'am but you know.......sometimes there are rocks in the beans".....
Erin: dumbfounded look. What the hell can this person mean "sometimes there are ROCKS in the beans"??

When Steve returned to pay the bill he took it to the front of the restaurant to the cash register. Erin said that she heard the manager of the restaurant ask about how their meal was. She was a little surprised when Steve didn't even MENTION the rock. (men!) She hurried up to the register where the following conversation took place:

Erin: "Everything WAS fine with dinner accept I feel like I need to let you know that there was a ROCK in my beans"!
Manager: "WHA??? Oh ma'am, I so sorry about that! Oh nooooo"
Erin: "Well, I just wanted you to know so that you could throw that batch of beans away".
Manager: "I so sorry ma'am but, well, you know, sometimes there are rocks in the beans"!
Erin: again, dumbfounded "WELL, THAT IS INTERESTING"!!!!!!!

Exit stage left. :) I got such a kick out of this. Can you imagine! That is disgusting but I could not stop laughing. I said that at least they were consistent with their story! Who wouldn't want a few rocks sprinkled into their beans? The moral of this story is life throws some curve balls, things aren't always perfect, and can't always go your way. Hey, shits happens, sometimes there are rocks in the beans!


Bethell Family said...

Oh my god only Nelly! I will have to remember to always check for ROCKS! haha