Monday, February 23, 2009

What the hell?

Today my wedding programs came. This was the last issue that I felt I had looming over my head and I finally bit the bullet and got all the information together. I was thoroughly impressed with the website my mom found and they made it super easy to order them. And when they shipped them, they arrived on the door step in 3 days!! That is where I stopped being impressed. You might ask me at this point if something was wrong with them or if they turned out terribly? Well, I can't be certain because the UPS box was EMPTY!!! Empty I tell you!! Now I wasn't the one that opened the box as they were shipped to my mom's house but she said that who ever packaged them didn't seal the bottom of the box. The packing slip and paper protective filling were all there. No programs. Somewhere in between Atlanta and Alabama (not sure what city) my wedding programs are floating around. Now I feel too guilty to say where I ordered them from because I really did like this company but when I called to let them know about the issue I was a little frustrated by the conversation. Here is a snippet of how it went down:

Rep: Hello, blah blah blah Weddings, how can I help you?
Me: Hi, this is Sarah Gleaton calling. I ordered my wedding programs from your website last week and they just arrived. The problem is that bottom of the box wasn't sealed and the package is empty!
Rep: What? Are you kidding?
Me: Speechless. Does this person REALLY think that I have the TIME and/or CREATIVITY at this point to be calling up her company and JOKING about this? All this was going through my head but I managed to get the words "Umm, no, I am not kidding you".
Rep: Oh my gosh, what do you think happened??
Me: Well, I'm not 100% positive or anything but the bottom of the box being left unsealed is my guess.
Rep: Ok, that is so weird! We are really really sorry. We will reprint your programs right now, ship them overnight, and they will be in your hands by Wednesday.
Me: Ok great, that sounds fine with me. (secretly wanting to say "don't forget to seal the bottom this time).

We hang up the phone and I think that the whole thing is pretty funny. It wouldn't have been funny at all if it was a week later and we didn't have time to re-ship but I was thinking that there was really no reason to freak out. Then my phone at the office rang again. I knew it was this company because of caller I.D.

Rep: Hi, this is so and so again from blah blah blah.
Me: Hi.
Rep: Do you think you could call your mom and ask her to save that UPS box for us? We are really baffled as to how your programs fell out and we want to look at the box.
Me: Speechless. In my head I am thinking about saying..."what is there to be baffled about? Someone didn't seal the box and the freaking programs fell out! Case closed!!" Instead I said "sure, I will call her right now".
Rep: Thanks so much for that! Your programs will be there Wednesday!
Me: Thanks

I hung up the phone again when it dawned on me that I have no clue how exactly how they are going to get their box back. It isn't going to morph back to Alabama and I am certainly not going to take the time to go and ship it back to them! Perhaps they are sending a personal courier to pick it up? Who knows! Ring Ring Ring! Oh my god, you have to be kidding me, maybe they are calling again to let me know how to get the box back to them.

Rep: Hey, it is me again.
Me: Hi. (In my head I am thinking "oh thank god we are such close friends now that you can just say 'hey, it is me again'".
Rep: I'm just calling to confirm that your programs were printed on the Natural Astroparch card stock?
Me: Yes, that is the one we picked.
Rep: Ok thanks, lots of people have been changing their orders because they don't like the way that card stock turns out for their programs and I just wanted to make sure it wasn't you.
Me: Speechless. For real. Are these programs going to suck? Are they ugly? WTF? I truly say nothing at this point.
Rep: Ok, thanks they will be there on Wednesday!
Me: Ok, bye.

WAIT? How do you want me to get your box back to you?!? Oh hell, never mind. I don't care if you get your stinking box back since I am probably going to have the ugliest wedding programs on earth! If they do somehow, by the grace of god, turn out well, I would probably still recommend this company. While this has been a huge debacle they really have corrected the problem quickly. We will just see how well they turn out. I'm going to reserve judgement for now, just wanted to share the story!