Monday, February 9, 2009

Dancing hell

Tonight was to be the dreaded last dancing lesson. I have dreaded it all day long. Starting around noon I started to feel really sick. Like flu sick. My throat is killing me and my whole body hurts. I don't ever get sick. I think that last time I had the full blown flu I was living in a dorm room in college. So I was not in the best mood as I pulled up to the Ballroom dance place. Our lesson was at 6:00pm. Promptly at 6pm our instructor was not there. Sweet. Less time dancing. 6:10pm no instructor. At 6:15pm I went and asked the front desk only to find that we were not even on the schedule!! WTF? I'm hardly able to stand up long enough for a phone call to be made to Julio to let him know he forgot us. The receptionist hung up and told us that Julio could be here in 10 minutes (approximately 6:25pm) and we could come back another night to make up the 30 minutes or we could reschedule. I doubt that it was subtle when we instantly said we would reschedule. Good luck to Deaner getting me back there. I dodged a bullet tonight but it only seems to have delayed the inevitable. I think I am heading to bed!

On a better note, I resigned from my position at work today. Woooo-hooooo!! I will be working up until the move but then I am outta there. I won't miss it. I might miss human contact, english speaking strangers, and verbal interaction with others, but I will not miss that company!