Friday, February 6, 2009

Debacles of the week

This has been one of the busiest weeks yet. I am so happy that it is Friday but I doubt that the weekend will be any less hectic. Monday I had another dress fitting. Thank god, I can finally breathe in the dress. Several more things have to be done but things are looking up. Of course since this went so well it was inevitable that something else would go wrong. When we pulled out my mother's veil to try on with my dress I heard her gasp and turned around to see that the alterations lady (the one that took it off the pill box hat and put it on a comb) had torn it somehow straight up the middle. What a dumbass!! And way to point it out to us when we picked it up. So, the veil has now taken up residence with the dress at Priscilla where it is being treated with "invisible thread".

Tuesday I had dinner with a friend of mine in town for work and it was a blast but was another late night.

Wednesday turned out to be an awesome day as my mom called me at 7:30am and told me that my Aunt had gone into labor!! Yea!! She was set to be induced today but went into labor and headed to the hospital around 3:00 a.m. I was super excited all day waiting for the big news! People always get confused when I call her my Aunt and it is normally followed by "Oh! You mean your cousin"? No people, I know the difference between a "cousin" and an "Aunt". She is my mother's youngest sister and there is an 18 year difference between them. There is only an 11 year difference between the two of us! So anyways, she and her husband have been expecting their first baby and the sex was going to be a surprise. I planned on leaving work, meeting with the organist at 5pm, and heading to the hospital to meet my new cousin. I was pretty surprised when I made it to the hospital around 5:30 and we still had no baby! I was very excited though because I got to listen at the door while he was being born! Very cool.

Last night Deaner's sister and two nephews flew into town because she and his mother are hosting a shower for us this weekend. We got to have dinner and visit which was nice. Tonight is his step-mother's 60th birthday and we are having dinner with the whole family to celebrate. Tomorrow will be full of shopping (Deaner just found out it is coat and tie at his new job--ha ha) and then the par-tay! Should be a fun weekend! More updates soon!