Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mysterious package

Today I was sitting in my office when I got a phone call that I recognized as the Cathedral's main office. I answered (rare) because Deaner and I had a meeting with our priest tonight and I was scared it might be him needing to reschedule. Turns out it was the receptionist at the Church calling to let me know that I had just received a UPS delivery to their front desk. Huh? This is odd. Why in the world would I get a package at the Church? It isn't like I have ever used that address to have something delivered to me. I told the receptionist (Jane) that I had no clue what it was and I couldn't even come up with any ideas. The only things that have been sent to the church on our behalf was our baptismal certificates but that was six months ago. I was tempted to tell her that she could open the package because I was so curious about what it could be. But then I started to get really nervous about what it could be! I'm not sure what I was thinking but it isn't like I was waiting for annulment papers to come through or anything! I told Jane that I had an appointment at the church tonight and that I would pick up whatever it was when I got there.

I literally wracked my brain all day long over this. I have recently heard a horror story of a friend seeking an annulment whose angry ex-wife tried to sabotage him by sending a box full of Girls Gone Wild DVD's to the Catholic Tribunal. Nice. Was there someone out there in the world that hated me and wanted to somehow sabotage me? I realize that this is utterly ridiculous but you will have to excuse my insanity.

So we get to the church tonight and I retrieve my package. I busted out laughing when I opened the mailing envelope and sitting inside were THE WEDDING PROGRAMS!!! Holy crap! Someone (probably just UPS) must have found them somewhere! Being that there was nothing attached to them with an address they looked up the address to the church. Thank GOD the programs said Cathedral of Christ the King, Atlanta, GA. If they hadn't said that, they never would have found their way back to me. And the replacements showed up on my mom's doorstep this afternoon. OH WELL! Now we have 200 programs instead of 100 and that is probably a good thing since we currently have 250 guests attending! Nothing like a little drama.


Allison said...

that is too funny :)