Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Done with dancing...

Tonight was our last dance lesson! Our teacher showed up this time and we got it wrapped up! Thank god! Deaner wanted to know if we should tip the guy. Ummmm, no. He actually suggested we take some more lessons. I think y'all can figure out how I responded. All and all the guy was nice enough, dancing just isn't my thing. And my mom had the nerve to say to me "you guys better actually dance well". Well, to that I say, don't hold your breath. I shouldn't have told anyone we were doing these lessons because now they will be expecting something good. At least we picked our song. We are going to be dancing to "Georgia" by Ray Charles. I'm just happy that it is picked. Now I am about to get online and create our wedding program. I'm hoping that it will be the last "bain of my existence" (I know that is not technically the way to use that phrase) but I am sure it won't be!

One more thing! I quit my job last Monday. Does anyone find it odd that today is Wednesday of the FOLLOWING WEEK and I have yet to hear a PEEP out of my big boss? I really shouldn't expect more from her because she has never given me ANY reason to to think she would give a hoot but still. I have worked at that company since it's inception almost four years ago, am one of a handful of veterans, and it doesn't even get acknowledged that I am leaving? Thanks a lot "job". The one thing I will not miss when we move to Germany is that place. Final answer.


Allison said...

congrats on finishing :) you guys probably dance a lot better than you think you do!