Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day.......

Deaner and I decided that we would exchange Valentine's Day gifts on Wednesday night before he left to go out of town on Thursday morning (more on that later). We have never made a huge deal out of valentine's day and I was perfectly content to keep it like that. I have been wanting to buy him a pair of Wallabees for some time now but every time I get online to do it I am appalled at how expensive they are now. Since I am still wearing the pair I suckered my parents into buying me my sophomore year of college maybe I never even realized they were expensive. Anyways, I bought Deaner a pair on a whim on Sunday figuring that they will be good shoes for walking around in our new home town of Wiesbaden. Talk about a great gift. As we were heading to dinner I noticed that all he had for me was a card. I started to get worried that all he got me was a card and that he was really going to feel bad when he saw that I had gotten him this awesome gift. I mean, the shoes were going to be hard to beat anyways but if all I got was a card?? Much to my surprise the card included an hour massage gift certificate to Natural Body Day Spa. Woooo-hoooo! I have been wanting a massage forever!! Back when I thought I was rich I used to get them all the time but that was before I realized that credit cards are not exactly the same as cash. :) I can't wait to use it. Deaner was very excited about his Wallabees. He described them exactly the same way I do, like slipping your feet into a cloud. All and all I am thinking we took Valentine's Day to a new level in our house this year. I have been thinking that we might need to take it down a notch next year.

I bid Deaner farewell this morning and made my way to work. Sometime around noon or so I got a flower delivery!! Whaaaaat? And my favorite flowers at that. Flowers and a massage! Thank god I brought my A-game with the Wallabees. Before you go thinking that I have the most romantic awesome fiance in the world (although he is pretty great) have I mentioned WHY Deaner left town on Thursday morning at the crack of dawn? That would be because apparently it was absolutely 100% necessary that he go on his bachelor party for 5 FULL DAYS! WTF. I can hardly bring myself to tell you where he is but I fear that it makes the story better and that I must. He is with 15 guys (including his father), sleeping in 3 30ft campers, in Daytona Beach, at the Nascar race. I don't want to insult Nascar fans but there are only two words for that.....I'm pretty sure y'all can come up with them! I am not positive why it requires 5 full days of tailgating but I am very positive that I am glad I am not there!

Hopefully I will have time to get several things crossed off my list that is a mile long while Deaner is out of town. I'll be spending Valentine's Day alone and that is honestly alright with me. Of course I prefer that Deaner was home but I'll probably be a lot more productive since he is not. I was telling him before he left all the errands I planned on getting taken care of this weekend and he very casually asked if I could pick up a pair of shoes for him that we picked out last week. Sure, no problem. Then he said, "and as long as you are out that way, maybe you could stop by Carmax and see if you can sell my car for me"? Whaaaat? Shoes yes, car no. The buck stops here! I'm not in the business of selling cars in my spare time. Anyways, how would I get home after I sold it? We will have to take care of that another weekend!

Anyways, I will write more later. I had the MOST fabulous shower last night and the amount of gifts I got was embarrassing. I will try and post about it later today! Also, I quit my job this week! It has been interesting around here since then!