Monday, October 24, 2011

Are you kidding me?

This weekend while we were at the lake house my mom and dad had to run out to the hardware store for some picture hanging screws. The total would have been $0.87 if they had not come home with this new Radio Flyer bike for E! I am sure my dad really appreciated my mom tagging along for the ride. My mom was certain that Evans would be able to sit on the seat and push himself around the house. Negative. She was also sure that he would love the bell on the bike and that it would be easy for him to ring it. Negative. Instead we took turns pushing E around the house on it and Evans even took a turn or two pushing it himself (from the floor). This picture is very misleading. Let me show you what is Evans favorite toy of the day. It is not his new radio flyer. It is not his new Thomas the Train. It is not one of the 39839857 toys that he does own. It is this.Can you tell what it is? That because it is the CAP from the Niagra Falls starch spay can from the laundry room. I have never heard such cackling laughter today from E when I came home and he and my mom were taking turns balancing the yellow cap on their heads. I was sucked into the game for a solid 20 minutes. Displays such as this do not make want to run out and buy the ten most popular toys for Christmas presents. Even though I am sure that I will. I'll just get him a can of starch for his stocking stuffer. :)

This weekend we spent the weekend at Lake Keowee with Buddy and Susie. It was very relaxing. Evans may or may not have been changed out of his pajamas on Saturday into clean pajamas that evening. We had fun riding on the boat with the Budster. Have I ever shared Evans' obsession for anything that he can bat around or spin around? While driving across the lake at considerable speed, Evans leaned over (he was sitting with Buddy) and turned the boat OFF. Nice. It is my understanding that this is not the first time this has happened.Evans also loves to take golf cart rides "driving" the cart.I doubt y'all can tell! Anyways I have to hurry up and dunk E in the tub before dinner is ready so I have to cut this short!


miasmom said...

Sarah - you look GREAT!!! Love you guys! XO

The 'Smarty Pants' Family said...

super cute blog.

MN Mom said...

No life jacket for Evans when he is on the boat? That would be a big no-no up here in MN!
Anyway, not sure how I found your blog, but I enjoy your writing, and hope life is going as you want it to.