Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A whole bunch of nothing

After my tangent on Tory Burch yesterday I never got to post any pictures from our weekend. It wasn't an overly exciting weekend but the weather in Atlanta was perfect. And if you have read any of my posts from this summer you will know that it has been sweltering. Until Saturday morning. Evans and I spent the afternoon in Virginia-Highlands at Battle of the Burgers. 25 Atlanta restaurants (I swear it seemed more like 65) had tents and battled it out for the best tasting burger in the city. I have no clue who won but it was a very tasty event to attend and there was plenty of cold beer. Evans enjoyed quite a few burgers and brews but unfortunately I didn't take a single picture. Really stupid. However I did take this picture of Evans and Buddy enjoying some quality time together on Saturday morning. Evans' favorite toy in this whole house is the television remote control. The only problem is that he only wants the REAL remote, he knows the difference between the TV remote and the DVD player remote, and sometimes it takes us awhile to figure out how to get the channels back to normal. But I'm pretty sure Buddy would let him play with anything as long as he sits with him in his chair and is sweet.

Sunday Evans and I met up with a high school friend of mine and her daughter at the Mount Vernon Fall Festival. This was just a small festival but it was great because it was not crowded, completely free and they had disgusting petting zoo animals that Evans loves so much!He got to wear his new cute pumpkin shirt and I have to say that he had a great time crawling around on the astroturf. Even had a little static in the hair from it!I was a bit shocked that Evans let this lady paint a pumpkin on his face. I did have to hold him a bit firmly. And then I wore the orange paint on my sleeve the rest of the day.Evans and Chloe before we called it a day. I'm not sure how Chloe got in the car with her balloon hat but Evans was very jealous of it. Sunday night we had a family dinner at my parents with my baby cousin Thomas and the twins. Evans and Thomas had a great time playing and it made me laugh several times because I could hear Thomas asking Evans questions and telling him things as if he expected him to respond. Looking cute in their matching pajamas!Today I spent the day babysitting my 9 week old twin cousins as well as Evans. Hmmm. I'm pretty tired. Least I got to spend the day with THREE super cute babies! Now if they could only learn to sleep longer! This picture is a total fake out.Evans loved watching the babies play in their seats.And playing with cousin Thomas' trains.We had a fun day and Evans was in bed by 7:15. Tomorrow I will resume operation stay committed to Tory and perhaps will have something more interesting to write about. I have several sorority sisters flying into Atlanta tomorrow afternoon and we are heading to Hilton Head for a wedding! Should be a fun relaxing weekend! More later!


EmilyB said...

Evans is just so, so cute!! How fun that you are back in Atlanta, and surrounded by your family. Sorry to read of the rough patch, but I hope things are on the up and up these days. Hugs!!