Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Not at our finest moments.....

This car may have been the best thing that has ever happened to Evans and quite possibly the worst thing that has happened to me (behavior wise). My parents bought Evans this "Cozy Coupe" car and about three weeks ago he discovered that it is the only thing that matters in life. At first, he was happy to just sit in the car and steer the wheel like a wild maniac for about 45 minutes at a time. Then Buddy made the mistake of pushing him in the car one afternoon and it was all downhill from there. Evans has pitched about 5 temper tantrums in his life and 4.5 of them have involved this car. In fact, last week the car had to be put in the garage because Evans could see it through the glass french doors to the back patio and the I suppose the car was taunting him. The car is currently in the house (because it is raining and it really is a design flaw that the "trunk" fills up with water) and today we had another nuclear meltdown over it. I made the mistake of moving the car a couple feet while he was sitting in it and apparently the reminds him too much of his afternoon strolls with Buddy. Of course, we cannot stroll inside the house. You can't really tell in the above picture but Evans was SCREAMING.He crawled under the table and hollered for a solid 5 minutes before abandoning his cause. It was too funny not to take a picture of. I even took a video but I don't know how to upload those. Every time he looked at me he would turn away and scream as if I was evil. Not Evans' finest moment.

Our other great moment of the day was this evening during dinner. Buddy, Susie and I were eating in the den (not normal) and Evans was playing with his toys. There is a case of stairs in the den that lead up to the attic but as Evans cannot walk or climb or do many things for that matter involving mobility, I have never blocked the stairs. Evans is pretty much free to crawl around the whole first floor of my parent's house because over the past few months most things that he could get into have been put away (we still haven't found the hallway night light). Something caught my eye while I was eating and this is what it was.I almost had a heart attack. This kid was scaling the stairs like a mountain climber. He made it all the way to the top in about 4 more seconds. I've never even seen him contemplate climbing the stairs. I guess he has been holding out on me and it is time to put up a gate. Not my finest moment.

Mom - 1
Evans - 1

Time to call it a day!


Gannie said...

Love it.........Love You and Liove that boy..!!

Becca said...

Martin found the stairs at the condo at the beach this summer, when we got home, the first thing I had to do was get a baby gate to block our wooden stairs. He never paid them attention at our house, and then BAM, he couldn't stay away. I guess I need to add the cozy coupe to Martin's christmas list!