Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Trailer Park Baby

I must first say that if you are reading from an actual trailer, in a trailer park, I apologize for the reference. However, today when I took this picture of Evans, all I could think about was how he looked like he came straight from a trailer park. I realize that most children in trailer parks do not where monogramed t'shirt (with an elephant that looks amazingly close to the republican icon) but check out all the other issues going on here. First, it look like he has been in a street brawl. I direct your attention to the giant red bump on his forehead. That came from slamming his head directly into my kneecap. On purpose. I'll let you know how my knee turns out. Next I would like to mention the black eye. I can only tell y'all with about 60% certainty that this injury happened on Friday. It happened in my parents bedroom in the vicinity of the windowsill and that's all I got. I heard crying, I ran and there was a bump on the side of Evans' eye. He was fine in about 2.5 minutes but on Monday he woke up with a black eye. I think it ups his street cred. The only thing that then diminishes his street cred is the fact that he has a 12 week old baby girl's binky in his mouth. Which makes his face look rather large and ridiculous. His eyes also look crossed (I can assure y'all that they aren't) and I am allowing him to play with a wire. It was a long day.

We spent the day with my 12 week old baby cousins, Jack and Molly. Evans LOVES the babies and normally cannot stay away from them. Unless of course, his best friend Dylan is there too. Ohhhh, how Evans loves Dylan. Dylan is an 8 year old ginger, just like Evans and they crawl in circles around the house all day long. From the kitchen, to the living room, thru the hallway, across the office and back thru the dining room to the kitchen. This is Evans and Dylan's mutual favorite toy. We have 38974029 toys and this is what they want to play with (I realize it is actually better than the Niagria starch cap).Dylan takes a turn carrying this green rubber thing in his mouth and then Evans takes his turn. They play really well together and I only find this relationship concerning because Dylan, is in fact, a DOG. I do tell Evans to get that toy out of his mouth but I don't often jump up to take it away from him. Dogs are clean, right? At the very least, we do bathe every night.

Thanks for everyone's concern about Evans' pooping. He did in fact poop last night by himself. In the bathtub. It was really awesome. I will be more careful about that tonight.

In other news, while changing one of the twins diapers this morning I happened to glance over at the floor and saw this.Not a great feeling when you are solely responsible for three children under the age of 14 months. I had to quickly recount where everyone was. I ruled out Evans pretty quickly as I could hear him in the kitchen calmly asking to get down from the highchair.In closing today I just want to admit that I really don't buy the parmesan gold fish or chocolate teddy grahams for Evans. I mean, he likes them, if I let him have any...........ever. I just needed to get that off my chest. It's bath time. More tomorrow.


EmilyB said...

Oh man -- I have a lot to learn about mothering a boy! He's not fully mobile yet, but I know he will be soon!! Evans is just so cute!