Monday, October 31, 2011

Balloon Drama

Dear Tacos and Tequilas,
I really love eating in your establishment. You are cheap, fast and loud. A great combination for those of us with 14 month olds. I also really appreciated how you used to ask me if it was okay BEFORE you gave my child a balloon. I'm not sure when this policy changed but I'm going to have to think twice about dining with you if I'm going to have to deal with Evans and a balloon again. Balloons (like the car) do not bring out our best behavior. They cause shrieking, kicking, flailing and discord in general. When we have a ballon we cannot eat, we cannot drink and we cannot be polite. If Evans doesn't sleep tonight, I will also blame that on the balloon. Next time, we would like the choice to politely decline BEFORE you bring it to the table and tie it to the highchair. Please and thank you. I'm sure other patrons will appreciate it if I have the chance to turn it down.

I can't wait to write about Halloween tomorrow. I have to get my aunt's SD card to download the pictures from the nice camera before I can post anything. I can give you a sneak preview. Last year's Halloween didn't really go very well.This year things went a lot more smoothly but we still had our moments where I flashed back to the giraffe!


Hatton Gravely said...

LOL. We had some balloon drama as well yesterday... Thomas wanted to grab every balloon he saw at the trick or treat event, and wanted to squeeze the balloon he did get. Trying to take it away so it didn't pop, bust his eardrums, and scare the life out of him was not an option. i love your blog!!!