Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What is wrong with me?

I woke up this morning, showered, got dressed and had lunch with my friend Barbara. I picked up our mail at the base (one of our strollers arrived!! And yes, I said ONE of them) and headed home. As I was sitting on the couch to settle in to surfing the internet my finger happened to brush against my ear. I was surprised to feel something very GREASY on my EAR. I looked in the mirror only to find a big GLOP of my conditioner in my EAR! WHAT? How does this happen?? I mean, I'm super glad that it wasn't something really nasty like ear wax but I sure hope no one noticed my conditioner oversight!! SICK!

I realized this morning that the big Wiesbaden wine festival is starting on August 13th and running until the 22nd. I'm thinking that perhaps I can persuade my doctor to induce me at my appointment on the 9th so that we can be ready for wine on the 13th?!? What do y'all think? Maybe she will go for it?!? Ha. Maybe he will come on his own by then anyways and Mama will be able to have that glass of wine at the festival!! I'm sure my parents wouldn't mind coming early to be able to enjoy the festival as well! Steph found me some of the pictures from last year. You can't ask for anything more than this!The only thing that would be different about this year is the addition of a few week old baby! I think Evans would really enjoy the festival!

So, one other big accomplishment of the week is that our plane tickets are booked for our trip home at Christmas! Deaner's dad helped us book them with his medallion status (we are lowly Silver Medallion while Dick is the prestigious Diamond Elite status!) and I am so so so relieved that they are booked and we don't have to think about them again. Last year at this time tickets were much cheaper and this year they have shown no signs of coming down. We are all set and it is one less thing on my plate between now and Christmas. Now if the future 4 month old will just behave himself on his first transatlantic flight!

Tonight is my last night without Deaner, thank goodness! My last meal of mac and cheese alone! I'm ready for him to get home. Then the baby can come. No more traveling after this trip so we are all set! 39 days til College Football Kickoff! Happy Tuesday to everyone!


Chubs said...

Yesterday I ordered your brother's LSU-UNC tickets for the Chick Fil-a kickoff classic. It is coming.

Anonymous said...

and so is baby Evans........He's coming too.........!!!!!!!