Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Here is the finished product from Way Cool Designs!! Susie sent this picture last night before I went to sleep and of course I was super excited to be able to share it with y'all! Now if only I didn't live in Germany and didn't have to wait so long for it to arrive! Maybe it will be one of those packages like from Barnes and Noble that arrives in 4 days but I am not going to hold my breath! I just can't wait to get it so I can start filling in all the family information for Evans! Again, for anyone interested, Susie also does wedding guest books etc and she is certainly worth checking out! While we are on the topic of baby items (which I am sorry for those of you who find them completely a snooze, I am trying to keep the talk to a minimum!) Deaner put together the baby swing this weekend. My sister and brother in law gave us this awesome swing at my baby shower in Atlanta and I have been trying to wait until a more appropriate time to put it together. Of course it was not necessary to have a swing sitting in in our dining room for the last several months but I decided that with 36 days left it was okay to go ahead with assembly!Here is my handsome handiman putting Evans' lamb swing together. I know that Deaner is an engineer and all but after this incident...I figured that I better inspect the finished product a little bit more carefully this time around. It was a good thing I did! Apparently Deaner lost interest in the swing when it came time to put the actual seat/fabric part on it and if we had actually put a child in it the way he had arranged it, it would not have been a good ending. I had to take the whole seat part apart and redo it! Geez. After my discovery I figured it was just better if I put together the bouncy seat!Now we are done with putting stuff together for awhile at least. Deaner's dad is bringing our jogging stroller when he comes in September but that might be the last big thing. Who knows what else will come up.

So, today has been an eventful day. I went and got a pedicure on the base because I had a gift certificate. Lacking.....to say the least. Still I needed one BAD and I got one. The issue came later in the day. About half way thru this post I received a call from Deaner who informed me that the Crossfire had stalled out on the access road between the airport and autobahn. I found this a big concerning but apparently it started up again after some time and he was able to keep driving. Until it did it again and this time on a very narrow part of the autobahn. He couldn't even get out to put up his orange triangle!! The police had to come and a tow truck and I just got back from picking him up at the mechanics place where it was towed too. Nice huh? Just what we need. The mechanic thinks it could be something with the computer in the car and that it will be super expensive. Just what you want to have happen when you have doctor's bills coming right and left and a baby coming in 5 weeks. The guy told us we need to sell it. I have never liked the car but still, I don't want to have the hassle of selling a car and buying a new one with a baby coming anyday. I'm over it and in a grumpy mood about it. Don't even ASK about Deaner's mood! Happy Tuesday!


Jennifer said...

Oh gosh! Sorry to hear about the car! I know you don't want to deal with that. Thinking of y'all!

Glad to hear you inspected the swing. It cracked me up when you you reminded us of that other incident! :)

The Pink Chick said...

I love the baby book. It is absolutely beautiful! I

susanne said...

Good thing your engineer has a back up inspector! Hope all these strollers on the way don't have to be assembled!

Anonymous said...

Made me laugh ......... My son the engineer.....!!!!!!!!
Sorry abut the car....could it just be the battery or something...does the guy know what he is doing ??? maybe it's not getting gas like it's suppose to...sorry