Thursday, July 1, 2010

Doctor's Appointment

This morning when I woke up I was super excited to head to the doctor's office. Thankfully Deaner was able to wrap up his meeting early and he made it too. Everything with Evans looks great and he now weighs about 4.5 pounds. I'm still supposed to take it easy and the doctor thinks that I will probably not make it to term. She said that if she had to guess I will make it until about 37 weeks which is completely fine with me. That means that Evans could be here in FIVE WEEKS! That is hard to believe. Deaner has two more business trips that he needs to take coming up and she told him that he needed to do it in the next two weeks and after that he needs to be home. That is a bit nerve wracking!! I have now gained 16.3 pounds and I can certainly tell!

After my appointment Deaner and I had a nice lunch downtown. It is always nice being able to have lunch afterwards and talk about the baby! Afterwards Deaner headed back to the office and I went and picked up Steph and Jon to give them a lift to Ikea. Their car is totalled and Steph wanted to buy a desk for their house. I dropped them off at Ikea and went across the parking lot to Toys R Us to look for a baby pool. I figured it might be fun to have one on our back patio to cool off in during this hot days! This is what I came up with!It is a 12ft round pool that holds 1500 gallons of water and even has a pump!! Jackpot!! I even bought 2 rafts to float around on! I really wish I could have set it up today but unfortunately it was a little late by the time I got home, we are going out of town tomorrow so it seemed sort of stupid AND we didn't have a hose. Deaner bought one at the base before he came home tonight so I will have one bright and early on Tuesday morning to go to work filling my pool up! I can't wait! Let's hope the weather stays nice! Now maybe I can make my tan last a little bit longer! Without suffering from heat stroke! I'll make sure to post pictures.

Tomorrow we are heading to the mountains. I am happy that we chose this weekend since it is supposed to be 95 degrees in our town. Yikes! I'm pretty sure we would melt in temps like that! I hope that everyone has a great 4th of July weekend! This is one of our favorite holidays and I am sad not to be at home going to my parent's lake house but since we will be at an American facility this weekend, there will be a fireworks show at least! Happy 4th!!!!!!!


Jennifer said...

Wow! That is a great pool to have during these hot months!

I am so excited to think your little one might be here in 5 weeks! That is awesome! I think y'all are going to be great parents! :)

Anonymous said...

The pool won't be to heavy for the balcony will it........just asking

Have fun.......and happy 4th of July........! Miss you

susanne said...

We'll miss you at Lake Keowee. BUT, we'll blow something up just for you and Deaner. Happy 4th!!