Monday, July 12, 2010

My Club's Newest Employee

Isn't he handsome? And he has so many uses!! Saturday Deaner took on the role of lifeguard at the club as well as the pool boy. We decided that since I love my pool so much that we need to take really good care of it. We went to the German Home Depot (OBI) on Saturday morning before taking to the pool and bought some chlorine/pool chemicals so my water can stay fresh and so clean clean. We realized quickly enough that the water was not going to stay so crystal clear for weeks on end if we didn't buy some chemicals. It was really interesting trying to translate the instructions into English so that we didn't end up with chemical burns on our body! However, I think we figured it out just right because the water is nice and clean now without an ounce of slime! We also go a skimmer (a.k.a. a cat pooper scooper because the "real" skimmers were so expensive), a pool cover (again, a.k.a. a cheap paint drop cloth) and this little guy!!Actually Deaner picked him out all by himself because I had to sit in the air conditioned car with the groceries while Deaner ran into OBI for the pool goods. I didn't mind at all! So there was lots of time spent at the Club this weekend. Deaner and I both swam on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It is just so refreshing. On Saturday the pool was getting a bit on the warm side so we drained out some water and replaced it with nice freezing hose water. When it is 97 degrees outside and you have no AC in your house you resort to desperate measures. There have also been many many showers this weekend. I never thought I would say that I was sick of seeing the SUN in Germany!

I have been saving some pictures to post that I keep meaning to share with y'all and then I forget. The first is that Evans' laundry basket liner finally arrived from Pottery Barn Kids. I will never understand how places like Barnes and Noble can get me 10 hardback books here in 4 days but some places like PBK take 3.5 weeks to ship me a piece of fabric. Regardless, it is here and it fits the basket that I bought at the PX.Now his dirty clothes can be housed in style! :) Also we received two packages recently from friends of mine with AWESOME gifts for Evans'. First my friend Jen sent these cute outfits!And then my friend Julia sent us these.I'm sorry, I have tried to rotate this picture 4 times and I just can't figure out why it won't work. Cock your head to the side! :) I can't wait for Evans to get to wear all these adorable outfits. I am currently washing them right now so they will be nice and ready for him!

So that is about all from our weekend. I'm heading over to Steph's today to help her organize her spare bedroom. Yes, that's right, I'm taking a day off from my Club but that is okay because it is supposed to be nice and hot all week. There will be plenty of time for clubbing. Honestly it has been so hot in Germany the past week that I'm really surprised I'm still alive. I am really hoping that we get a good doctor's report this Thursday and that the Doctor still thinks there is a chance I will be early. I don't know if I can continue like this until August 25th!!


Jennifer said...

Cute pictures! I bet you will go early! I have 3 friends that are were all due around July 9th and they all went early! Wow! August 25th! Evans will be here very soon! I know you and your hubby are so excited!

Momma on the Run said...

oh I love that laundry basket! (and your adorable pool:-)

Anonymous said...

No joke on waiting till August! It seems these last weeks have gone by sooooo slow. And getting to bed is becomig an art form...hurry August, hurry!