Thursday, July 22, 2010


While my mood has somewhat improved today I have just about absolutely nothing to report. I got up early with Deaner this morning and rode with him to pick up his car. Which may or may not be fixed. It may or may not turn off again on the Autobahn. Isn't that assuring? We had breakfast at Burger King, which I would truly like to eat every single morning but alas, I do not wake up in time for it 95% of the time! After we got the car I ran to the commissary to pick up a few things. Deaner has been hinting around that he would like me to make him stir fry for dinner one night so I picked up all the things that I need to make it. I haven't ever made it before but I have had some helpful hints and I am hopeful that it will be good. I'll let y'all know tomorrow. Thank god it is almost the end of the week! I have to say that the week went by pretty quickly! Deaner just told me that he has to go to Brussels on Monday and stay until Wednesday! Boo!!! Oh well, I am sure I will be fine here eating mac and cheese from the blue box and relaxing! Today after I got back home I went and got back in bed to read because I wasn't feeling so hot and I fell asleep for 2.5 more hours! Geez. And we are talking I was really asleep and having dreams. I guess I was really worn out from something. It is rainy and gross here today and the Country Club is closed anyways so what else was there to do!?

Now I think I will read my book for awhile, shower (yes, it is 4:05pm and I still haven't taken a shower) and then start preparing my divine meal for this evening! Hope everyone has had a great day!


Jennifer said...

Gosh that car situation is scary. Are y'all planning to sell it still? I hope everything works out great with that!

My mood is better today too. THANK GOODNESS! :)

What book are you reading?

chubs said...

Sally - I know things are slow. You think it is because you are waiting on Evans. But if Evans were not coming, you would would be very impatient for football. So really, you are doubly impatient, and with good reason. There are two things that are certai, however, RED will come, and so will football. So will your mom! When the day comes, you won't believe it.

chubs said...

skype me tomorrow

Anonymous said...

OMG, mac & cheese sounds soooo dang good right now. It's good comfort food & I don't know about you, but I'm done being pregnant & need to be comforted :P