Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Nice Long Weekend

I feel like I haven't posted in a really long time but at least our time was being spent well! Friday morning Deaner and I took off for Garmish in hopes of escaping the heat for the long holiday weekend. It has been relentlessly hot in Wiesbaden the past week and we were really looking forward to some cooler mountain air and the luxury of AC in an American hotel. Well, traffic was HORRENDOUS on the way down and it took a lot longer to get there than we anticipated. Oh well, there was nothing we could do about it right? After we got checked in I was disappointed to figure out that this American hotel DID NOT have AC! How un-American can you get?? I guess I never realized this because we have always stayed here during the winter! Again, not a deal breaker because it was actually much cooler there anyways. The view from our room was quite nice.Friday night we ate dinner at the hotel (Deaner could eat 3984 of their chicken wings if they would serve him that many) and it was a semi early night because Deaner wanted to wake up on Saturday morning and go hiking. He picked a trail where he could hike for several hours and then I could take the gondala and meet him at the top for lunch, since there was no way in hell I was going to be hiking along side of him. He took off around 9 and I met him around 12:15pm for lunch. My hike was a bit shorter.The gondola dropped me off right at that silver building behind me and I literally had to walk about 20ft to the restaurant. I am embaressed to report how winded I was when I got there. Deaner was laughing his butt off at me but the air is SO thin up there that there wasn't much I could do about it. I was breathing harder just sitting up there and eating lunch! The views were spectacular and totally worth all the heavy breathing!Deaner was very happy after two of these!Check out that BELLY! Holy Moly, how do I have 7 weeks of growing left to do? I'm going to explode by the end!And lastly, someone offered to take a picture of both of us and we agreed since this rarely happens. Again, I'm huge.The rest of the weekend was a lot of fun as well. We visited a local brewery we had been to before and even watched the German soccer game in a very random setting of all Germans, which was very weird. Deaner got the times of the soccer games mixed up so while we are on our way to the brewery he realized that it had just started. He immediately pulled over at the first guesthouse he saw and asked if they had the game on. When we went in to watch, about 15 Germans just stared at us. It was like we were walking into someone's living room to watch the game with them and I was NOT pleased about it. Thankfully we left as soon as it was over.

We got home last evening and it was still super hot in our town. This prompted a mini nervous breakdown that I think freaked Deaner out a little bit but it was just so hot and I was over it. Thankfully with a fan pointed directly on me, I was able to sleep as well as you can when you get up 8 times a night. Today I have hit the commissary, had lunch with Deaner, done laundry and started filling up my swimming pool. I will have to post about that tomorrow because it is taking a REALLY long time to fill up! Hope everyone had a great long weekend!! Here's to a short week!


Jennifer said...

Oh girl, I feel for you with the no A/C thing. Our A/C bill was through the roof last month, so we are trying to keep it on 74 this month to maybe *crossing fingers* make the bill a little bit lower. Savannah, GA A/C bills are not fun! Anyway, I am dying with the A/C on 74 because we usually keep it on 70-72. I need to stop my whining about it because at least I have some. I couldn't handle living through that heat! You are doing good to be getting out and about with your baby bump in the heat! I think I would have to sit in front of a fan 24/7!

I am so glad you had fun on your little trip! Have fun in your pool!

Anonymous said...

Baby Evans is really low isn't he.....can't believe he weights 4.5lbs........can't wait to see the little man

Mary said...

Wow! Reminds me of when we were stationed in Germany in the early 70's!!