Monday, July 19, 2010

Productive Weekend!

Well, how was everyone's weekend? Ours was nice and relaxing for the most part! We had dinner with friends on Friday night at a delicious Greek restaurant where we will definitely be dining again. I love finding places here that we like because I find that they are few and far between around here!

Saturday I had a productive day and got several things ordered for the baby. It dawned on me a few days ago that I still had no baby book for Evans. There is so much tacky stuff out there and I had been really put off on previous occasions when I had looked. Saturday I was determined to find one and order it because frankly, we were running out of time. I stumbled upon the website Way Cool Designs and fell in love with the perfect baby book. There were SO many options and Deaner was actually into helping me pick one out! In the meantime, I put some feelers out with some friends, asking if anyone had any baby book suggestions and I had TWO friends respond with this being the same vendor that they used! I e-mailed the owner, Susie, to make sure that they could ship to our APO box and got an immediate response confirming that they could. SOLD. I called to place my order and Susie was MORE than helpful. She assured me that they ship to APO's all the time and that it wasn't a problem. She also said she would make a special effort to get my book out to me as quickly as possible to ensure that I had it before Evans arrives. There is a lot to say about great customer service and I certainly found it here! Deaner and I picked out a baby book with a coffee color linen cover just like this one.With this font monogram (although ours will be in navy blue).And our ribbon will be in navy blue as well. There are several themes that you can choose for the inside pages and Deaner and I chose to have the Beatrix Potter pages because that is what we had as children. I can't tell y'all how excited I am to get my baby book!!! I am sure that in the coming weeks I will start anxiously checking our APO box for my treat! I would highly recommend using this company if you are in the market for a baby book. I will definitely be posting more pictures of it once it arrives!!

I also pre-ordered Evans birth annoucements!! I copied a picture of the ones that I chose from Tiny Prints BUT I decided that I don't really want to show them yet or no one will be surprised when they get them! The stupid person there tried to tell me that they would charge me $25 to ship to my APO box. What a rip! However after a bit of research, it turns out Tiny Prints has a printer here in Europe and I can have the announcements UPSed here for only $10 and they will only take 1-5 days to arrive! The envelopes are already being shipped to me so I can get those done and out of the way! :) I was feeling QUITE productive at the end of Saturday!

We had a great dinner down on the river Saturday night and Sunday had a relaxing day. Deaner left for England this morning for a meeting but he will be back tomorrow afternoon so he isn't gone for long. I have done a major cleaning of our house today which greatly needed to be done. The top two bedrooms are spotless and I even vacuumed spider webs off the ceilings. The next two bedrooms (ours and Evans) and the guest bathroom are also spotless. The entry hallway on the first floor is sparkling. I have only completed half of the main floor though before I ran out of steam. The kitchen and laundry room are perfect but the den and dining room still need a bit of work. Unfortunately the Country Club was calling my name and I had to have a several hour float to recover! Now I am about to eat some dinner and watch some TV! Perhaps tomorrow I will resume my cleaning! Happy Monday to everyone!


Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

The baby book is so pretty - classic! I love the style and the monogram.

susanne said...

The baby book is gorgeous! Can't wait to see it~

Jennifer said...

I love the baby book! I see they do wedding guest books as well! I might need to look into one of those!

Anonymous said...

Don't ya just love how some American companies make it a big deal to ship to APOs. It's not like there is more paper work or that it costs more.

The book looks great by the way!! We're on the countdown!