Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We are getting closer and closer!

Tonight Deaner and I had our second to last meeting with the priest who will be marrying us in March. We only have to meet with him one more time, for 30 minutes tops, to plan the actual ceremony. It is a good thing too because I am not sure how much more of "Sex in the Marriage" Deaner could have taken. I am sort of over being embaressed about it but Deaner was pretty quiet tonight. It could have been because we were both speed reading at 5:00pm this afternoon before bolting to the church but more than likely it was the subject matter. Has anyone seen the movie The Family Stone? It came out a few years ago around Christmas and I saw it thinking that it was going to be some hilarious comedy. I was definitely mislead but did end up liking it. Anyways, in the movie Sarah Jessica Parker's character was an extremely irritating woman with a complusive throat clearing issue. This same throat clearing issue suddenly overcame Deaner while in this meeting tonight. I imagine if he was wearing a button down and tie that he would have been constantly running his finger underneath his collar as well. Thankfully, we are done! I am very excited and will not miss having "homework"! 53 DAYS!! If only I could get my "To Do" list under control!


Lindsay said...

Hello Friend!! I love reading your blog! It's hilarious. I don't know Deaner but I can so imagine the uncomfortable sex talk conversation. Congrats on your upcoming wedding :)


Julie said...

Hysterical! I have forgotten how great of a storyteller you are. I think that you may have just made my must read list... (The jury's still out!)