Sunday, January 25, 2009

Part III.

When I first started searching for Deaner's grooms cake I was worried I wouldn't be able to find someone to do it. This is a picture of the most famous building on the University of Virginia's "grounds", the Rotunda. It seemed like a perfect idea to have this building replicated for Deaner's groom's cake. I should have kept it a secret because I know he would have been surprised and thrilled but I am terrible with keeping secrets and I stood a chance! Outrageous Cakes has assured us that they have baked the Rotunda several times before and can produce a great version of it. I can't wait to see it. (they actually don't appear to have a web page so the link above is to the google phone book information).

My wedding gown (which is currently back at the store for alterations) is a Priscilla of Boston. I don't have a clue if I would be able to find it online even if I had hours to try so I'll have to wait to post a picture of it. The dress belongs to my aunt Jennifer, who wore it in her wedding 2 years ago, and it is beautiful!

Affairs To Remember is going to cater the big day. I have been to several events that this vendor has catered and the food is DIVINE. Rich, our contact there, has been great. Deaner, my mother, my aunt, and myself joined Rich for lunch one day for a sampling of food and the presentation was impressive. Some of highlights/my personal favorites that will be served at our wedding include the Mac 'n Cheese bar. YUM! Mac 'n cheese is served in martini glasses and topped with fried chicken bites, bacon crumbles, chives, onion tanglers, and Tabasco sauce. I'm getting hungry thinking about it. We are also having a creation that I first tasted at sampling lunch. It is sweet potato mashed potatoes topped with the most awesome BBQ you have ever tasted and greens (I don't eat the greens!). There will also be pepper encrusted tenderloin, risotto with a wild mushroom ragu, chicken picatta, and several other things tha I can't remember but know are going to be incredible.

I was not very into my flowers but since my mom has found the most wonderful florist at, of all places, Fresh Market, I am getting more excited. Isla Thompson, the florist, works out of The Fresh Market in North Buckhead (4405 Roswell Road) and my mom noticed her one day while she was doing the arrangements for another wedding. Isla let my mom come back in the cooler to see the other flowers and it became a routine that when my mom was in the grocery store she would stop by to see what she was working on. A few weeks ago she was working on a wedding for someone getting married in Baton Rouge! The Bride insisted on using Isla even though the wedding wasn't anywhere near Atlanta. My bridal bouquet is going to have vendela creme roses, mini white calla lilies, stephanotis, white sweet peas or limegreen lisianthus with greenery around the edge. The stems will be tied with ivory fabric. My bridesmaid's bouquets will have 20 stems of mini and medium white calla lilies tied together with a celadon (same color as bridesmaid's dresses)band. The groomsmen will be wearing mini white calla lily bouttonneires. There are plenty more arrangements but I've already written too much on the flowers already!