Monday, January 12, 2009

I must be a glutton for punishment.....

Last year about this time Deaner's nagging got to be too much and I relented and allowed him to pay for my monthly membership to the gym down the street. Some might think that this is a good deal for me but I can assure you it is not. While I appreciate that my figure is now fitting back into clothes that I hadn't worn in several years, I still curse Deaner 80% of the time when he is standing at the door waiting for me to get home from work. I have tried all sorts of tricks such as, I have to work late, I have to go to my parent's house after work, or that I am too exhausted to move but each time he waits on me to get home from work and drags my lazy butt with him. Don't think that this has not caused more than one fight!

A few months ago I decided to try something new that would give me a break from the ordinary drudge of my 60 minute prison sentence on the elipticle. Since I was feeling really adventurous and had fooled myself into thinking I was in excellent shape after 9 solid months in the gym I went to a spin class. Oh. My. God. When I got to the level of physical exertion where I could no longer take a sip of my water because I was so winded, I checked the clock. 8 minutes into an hour class. I seriously didn't think I would make it. I am pretty sure I lost every ounce of water that was in my body in that hour long class. I came home whipped, showered, and passed out. I felt a huge accomplishment for having done the class at all and by the time it was over I was thinking "I could do this again!" Then I woke up. I could hardly walk much less sit in a chair like a human being would. If I had had a blow up doughnut, I'm pretty sure I would have willingly brought it to work with me. Talk about serious pain "down there". And it did not subside for days! I didn't think I would ever be able to do that class again but since I am so tough and such an accomplished athlete I got right back in the saddle! No pun intended. However this time it was on a newly purchased gel seat cover. I know that people say your butt gets used to spinning but I am not sure if mine would have. So I did the only thing that seemed fair. Why should I keep this awesome cardio workout discovery all to myself? I brought Deaner with me. Ha ha ha ha! We showed up for class on a Wednesday night and we were the only TWO people in the whole class! A private spin class with no one to take the attention off ourselves! Deaner tried to tell me at the end of class that the class was "easy" but even he couldn't keep a straight face. And the next day I got to watch him hobble around. Now we are the proud owners of TWO gel seat covers! Whoever said spin class was for girls? Deaner and I have been going to class together now for a few months and tonight there were more men in the class than women. If anyone is looking for a new way to burn a ton of calories in 60 minutes, this is the way to go. You will suck wind, you will sweat through your entire shirt, but you will get better and your butt will start to get used to it. Just be forwarned, the first time you go, you will promise yourself you will never go again. :)


Casey (@ Chaos and Cardboard) said...

You are totally NOT a lurker! You were nice and came out of the closet right away :)