Friday, January 23, 2009

A few of my favorite things....

With the wedding being 6 weeks away I figured I might share a few of our biggest vendors. To set the scene we are having a high noon ceremony at The Cathedral of Christ the King. I went to school at Christ the King from kindergarten thru 8th grade so I am pretty excited about getting married in the church where I grew up.

Our reception is being held at one of my favorite places in all of Atlanta. Being that we only had seven and a half months to plan our wedding I never imagined that The Fox would be available. My other front runner was here but I could not be more excited to have landed The Fox. I am extremely lucky to have quite the "in" at The Fox and I can't imagine what I would have done without my secret weapon. :)

Those are the two biggest venues we are using but the details are the best. I am not a fan of cake AT ALL so at first I did not really care much about what kind of wedding cake I had. Now the cake is one things that I am most excited about. Classic Cheesecake is creating my wedding cake and it is going to be a four layer cheesecake. The largest/bottom layer is going to be white chocolate frangelica, the second layer is turtle, third layer is vanilla bean, and the top layer is going to be oreo. I believe it will be the first piece of wedding cake that I actually eat! Mark, at Classic Cheesecake, is awesome and I would recommend him to anyone.

Since the Egyptian Ball Room at The Fox is so enormous I wanted to have a band that would be big enough to fill the space and really engage our guests. The Del Baroni Orchestra & On The Air played at my Aunt's wedding (same venue) in their trio form. I loved them but wanted something a bit bigger. Worked out for me well when the 9 piece orchestra was available for my wedding date! Wooo-hooo! 4 members of the band only play horns! I'm pumped.

Instead of having a traditional guest book at our reception we have decided to do something a bit more off the wall. I am so excited about this part that I can hardly stand it. We are getting a PHOTO BOOTH for guests to get their picture taken! That's right, this is the same type of photo booth that people enter, pull the curtain, act goofy, and receive a strip of four photos!! The photo booth prints TWO copies of the photo strip, one for the guests to keep as a favor, and one that the photo booth attendant will put in a scrap book that will be completed by the end of the reception! Guests will be able to fill out a "best wishes" card to be placed next to their photo strip in the "guest book". I think that this idea is brilliant and if I had thought of this idea for a company I imagine I would be rich by now. Photo Booth Phun has multiple stellar reviews on and I can't wait to see how everything turns out!

Ok, so I was a bit hasty to think that I could cover all my favorite vendors in one post. It is getting late, I'm exhausted, and we have a Mexican themed cocktail party being hosted in our honor tomorrow. Time for bed! Stay tuned for Part II. of "my favorite things" which will include details about the Groom's cake, rehearsal dinner, our (incredible) invitations, wedding dress, caterer, bridesmaids luncheon, after party, flowers, bridesmaids/groomsman's gifts, and my new found love for Vista Print. Ok, who am I fooling? There might be a Part III. and a Part IV!! Does anyone know how to upload a PDF file to a post?