Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Two dogs are not better than one!

Is it acceptable to break into a neighbors condo and put a muzzle on their dog?? Seriously. I am seriously contemplating it. Deaner recently got new neighbors in his condo complex. This new couple (girls) seemed nice enough and I didn't see any immediate issues. When they moved in they were dog-sitting for a friend's dog that we were assured would be on his way in several days. These walls are thin so listening to them toss a tennis ball against the shared wall got VERY old VERY fast. I was not sad one bit to see the dog leave when his time was up. It was so peaceful not hearing those claws clacking on the hard wood floor and not having to hear him bark when the girls would leave to condo. Ahhhh, it was so nice. Nice, past tense. Somehow that damn dog reappeared the next week! When I saw them playing outside one day I sweetly inquired about the dog's return. As it turns out, the girls missed him so much that they talked the dog's owner into letting them KEEP the dog. Oh great. I might have been able to deal with this if I had known how much worse it was going to get. Two weeks ago these stupid girls came home with A PUPPY!!!!!! Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!! This should be illegal in a complex that shares walls. To make matters worse, they leave the condo every single night around the same time and how do these dogs keep themselves entertained? They bark and howl at each other for hours and hours on end. Everytime they get riled up I tell Deaner I am going to put a note on their door. I mean, is this really fair? The dogs don't bark like that if someone is home so how can they know that this is going on? Everytime he talks me out of it saying that it is asking for a fight, however, tonight he caved. I walked into the door tonight at 6:55pm. At 8:15 they had not taken one break from barking and Deaner had had enough. FINALLY!! I got to send an e-mail!! I told the girl that I was afraid something was wrong with her dogs because they hadn't stopped barking even for a minute for over two hours. I said it was my hope that she had a blackberry and that she could come home and check on them because I was worried about them. 5 minutes later, she walked in the door, and voila, the dogs shut up. I might have started a war but I hardly care. Sometimes you just get to a breaking point but I'm a little nervous to check my e-mail again!


Emory said...

Please post an update if she writes you back. I can't wait to hear how this story ends!