Thursday, January 22, 2009

Denny Duquette Must Die..........again!

If the Grey's Anatomy writers don't lose this guy, and lose him fast, I'm done. I loved Denny when he was alive but let the character go!! I can't even concentrate anymore on the rest of the show because this story line is so awful. Not to mention weird, creepy, and not normal. Just my opinion. If anyone can honestly say they think it is a good story line, speak now, or forever hold your peace.


Julie said...

Totally agree! I sincerely think that this is payback for Katherine Heigl's little remark last year about not getting any good material. I mean that if I were a writer and someone said my script was crap... I think that I might be vengeful (aka have to get it on with your dead husband...)

Gleatie said...

I can hardly take it anymore. But does it mean that Izzy is going to die or something?

Allison said...

Yeah I love Denny...but this story line is getting crazy. I'm thinking that Izzy is about to die, right? Isn't that what the whole "I'm HERE for you..." thing meant? bizarro.