Thursday, January 15, 2009

Think YOU are having a bad day?

Tell that to these people! I am sure they will really sympathetic to your plight. I still cannot stop looking at this picture. That's right folks, while you were contemplating the crap going on in your day, these people were standing on the wing of a plane in the middle of the Hudson River. All joking aside, this is one of the most miraculous stories I have heard in awhile. Shortly after take off from LaGuardia airport around 3:30pm today this US Airways plane hit a flock of geese and passengers were told to "brace for impact". This is the sort of story that nightmares are made of. Somehow the pilot kept control of the plane and managed to land PERFECTLY into the water. By perfectly, I mean that every single passenger bound for Charlotte, N.C. survived. Unreal. I bet that some of those people were pretty ticked to be standing on the wing of a crashed airplane in 41 degree water but I also imagine that every single one of them will want to shake the hand of the hero that brought them down gently enough into the water as not to hurt anyone. It isn't often that a plane crashes and only 4 people are taken to the hospital to be treated, of all things, for hypothermia. My question is where did the rest of the passengers go? I hardly think that they were towed into the harbor and caught a cab back to the airport for round two.

It was an event that most of America will shortly forget. I doubt it will be that easy for the passengers of this flight. They will never forget the heroics that this pilot demonstated today. All in a days work, right? I say give this man a raise!