Monday, August 17, 2009

We Are Alive!

It is really hard to post when you only have an iPhone! I know I am lucky to have that but still....not sure when we will finally be connected!! Everything here is going well and y'all are not going to believe how much I have gotten done. I have been a machine!! I'll have to hold off on posting pictures for now though!

Friday night we went to the wine festival with Steph and Jon. Needless to say it was a ton of fun. So much fun, in fact, that Deaner didn't even notice that a BAT flew into our room at the hotel and was circling above our bed at the speed of light. He was way too engrossed in watching Big Brother! I was screaming with covers over my head before he noticed!! At least he got it our! But not before it pooped on my pillow!! The whole thing cracks me up now!

Also, we found another car to buy!! We got the loan today and hopefully we can pick it up in the next few days!! It is a Jeep Liberty and I'll post pictures when we get it! It'll be so nice to have another car again! Right now I'm trapped at the house unpacking boxes!

Lots to come as soon as I have better access! Keep your fingers crossed that it won't be too long!!


Practically Perfect... said...

Okay, how did a bat end up in there?! That's insane!

Can't wait to see pictures, and hooray for the car!

MG said...

I can't believe a bat flew into your room and he didn't even notice!

susanne said...

SO GLAD to finally get a post!!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Jeep Liberties are great!

The Pink Chick said...

A bat! I would have died! Love the pictures you posted of the house!!!