Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Done and Done

I can't believe that I am reporting this but I FINISHED painting the entire kitchen today!! Well, I can't take complete credit because Steph helped me get the first coat up this morning and I went back this afternoon and finished up. I even was able to take down the blue tape and plastic drop cloths! I will take pictures tomorrow. The light was really bad this afternoon because the sun was coming in the main window and I'm not sure that y'all could have told a difference! So the day did not go without hitch and I have a few funny things to report.

First of all, I might have discovered why some Germans have B.O. I know that this doesn't take a rocket scientist but it was like a light bulb in my head. Steph and I saw the OLD house owner this morning and he looked (and smelled) just fine. He was in perfectly nice work clothes and I noticed nothing out of the ordinary. HOWEVER, when I went back to the house in the afternoon, he had put on the same t'shirt that I have seen him wearing for the past THREE DAYS. Seriously, this was the third time. He wore it on Saturday when Deaner and I were out at the house and he has worn it the past two days that I have been there. Who knows about Sunday and Monday but by the way that it smells I have a feeling it was worn then too! Whew! Mystery solved! I sort of wonder if people re-wear clothes like this BECAUSE OF the small washers OR if the washers are manufactured smaller BECAUSE no one ever washes their clothes!

Second of all, I had a bit of a set back this afternoon. When I got home last night I had a message from the front desk saying that Deutsche Post had tried to deliver a certified letter for Deaner and me but that I had to be home to sign for it. Obviously I wasn't there and couldn't sign for it so the lady at the front desk told me that I needed to be in the hotel today to sign for it. Well, isn't that nice? As if I have time to just sit around and wait on the mail man! I was SO annoyed. Since the front desk told me that DP would probably only deliver it to me one more time before I had to go pick it up at the post office (god knows where) I decided I had to come home from painting and wait for it (also I knew it was a document we need for our house). I was told the post man typically came at 2pm. Steph and I came back from painting around 12:15pm and when 3:00 rolled around with no call from the front desk I decided I would get my stuff together to head back to Hattenheim and go wait in the lobby with a book. When I got downstairs I asked the guy at the front desk if the mail had come yet. Here is the conversation:

Me: "I'm sure it hasn't come yet because I haven't received a call, but has the mail man been here yet today"?
Man with Fake British Accent: "Yes, it has".
Me: "WHAT? I have been waiting all afternoon for a certified letter that I was told that I had to sign for"!!!!!
MwFBA: "Oh".
Me: "Did he JUST come? Do you think I can still catch him"??
MwFBA: "No, he came awhile ago".
Me: "Oh great, I don't know what to do now".
MwFBA: "I don't see the problem. I signed for your certified letter and it is right here."
Me: "Whaaaaa? The lady yesterday told me that ONLY I could sign for it and I have been waiting here all afternoon to do just that"!
MwFBA: "Well, I know the mail man so he let me sign for it"

EXASPERATION!!!!!! SO glad I wasted all those hours waiting on the mail man when the front desk man had the secret hookup!

And lastly for my stories of the day is another one involving the former owner of our house. His name is George and really I like him A LOT but sometimes he drives me batty. He is pretty much obsessed with me doing the paint job of a professional in the kitchen and he not only points out flaws, he supplies tools for me to fix them. I should appreciate this greatly, but sometimes it gets cumbersome. Anyways, when I was home in the States I bought three rolls of that heavy duty blue Scotch painting tape to bring back here because it is really expensive here. Like 7.50 euros a roll here! Yikes! And it isn't cheap at home but I would rather pay $6 a roll than over $10! I have a roll and a half left and I had it laying in a bag with all my painting supplies. George was bubble wrapping framed picture and packing them into one of those collapsible cardboard boxes that you have to tape yourself to get them to stay together. All of a sudden George exclaims from the other room...

"Wow, this tape is fantastic! You brought it all the way from America"?
Me: "Yes George but that is my painting tape"!!!!!!!
George: totally ignoring me "Didn't you say that this tape was very cheap"??
Me: "Ummmm, NO. It was actually very expensive and it is for painting".
George: "Well, I think it is fantastic and I want to get some of my own for my boxes"!

In the meantime, he has used it to put all his boxes together.

Oooooook, whateve! If you want to pay that much for tape to tape up cardboard boxes, have at it. Just stop using mine!!!! Lordy. So that about sums up my day! I am eating dinner right now (alone) in my hotel room. I have to go get Deaner at the airport that is 1 HOUR AWAY when his flight lands at 10:40PM!!!! I am not pleased about that since it is going to be 2 hours in the car for me and I can't even leave until 9:40 but I am happy that he will be home. I promise to post pictures tomorrow! Happy Hump Day!


Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Seriously? haha oh my! I love how you recap it all!

Just when will George be done with his packing and outa there?

Oh, I hope your swap box comes soon...and you dont have to wait around to sign for it!

The Pink Chick said...

When do you become George free? I think I would be ready for him to go! I can't wait to see the kitchen!

susanne said...

Gosh, I think I know what I'll send your landlord for Christmas!

Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

Your base doesn't have the painters tape? Ours does if you need more. You can pick some up when you come to Chilis. :) Or maybe I'll sell it to you for a profit. Because I am a terrible person.

Emory said...

Who wants to put their boxes together with that blue tape? It doesn't hold that well-hence why it is good for painting.

busybudy08731 said...


KT said...

Your stories are so funny! I am dreading the whole tiny washer situation. My husband shared with everyone at his office that I asked why the washers were so small and they looked like they were made for elves!