Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Little of This.....A Little of That

Sometimes even I have to wonder what I have been up to when I go over two weeks without posting updates.  Things certainly don't seem to slow down around here but once I get behind, it's hard to find the motivation to catch up.  Since I know we will up late tonight watching the Election results I figure that today is as good as any for backing up a couple weeks.  I'd say that the weather here in Germany is officially turning to winter.  While we actually had some sunshine and warmer temps today (45 degrees and yes, that's warm) we have had a couple weeks of rain, fog, gloom and colder weather.  I actually saw snowflakes with my own two eyes two weekends ago.  Right up until that point we took advantage of every sunny afternoon we could at our town wine stand.
Deaner actually claims that he knew for sure we would buy this house in Germany the very first time the German sellers took us to the wine stand to show us around.
I don't claim anything as ridiculous but we have certainly had our fair share of fun down by the Rhein. It is the perfect place to come when Deaner gets off work in the afternoons (before daylight savings ended) to let Evans burn off some energy.
We haven't had a ton of opportunity to take "new bike" out for a spin (it is currently sitting in my kitchen) but we did get one shot and all I can say is, thank god the grown-ups control the steering.
And of course once we reach the river, the bike gets ditched immediately in favor of wide open spaces. The wine stand could only be improved if it were to be completely fenced in.  I know I know, aesthetics and all, but I'd be able to relax a little bit more!
A couple of those pictures were taken with Instagram, which is new to me.  I have to say that I am really enjoying it but the problem is that I forget to open it instead of my regular old iphone camera.  And I don't like how you have to save each picture etc before you can take a new one.  I am one of those people that need to be able to take 39847 pictures in a row and then weed out the good ones.

School is going really well for Evans and we couldn't be happier to have gotten into this particular program.  He has had one more "hit incident" in which he was hit in the face with a different plastic animal (not the horse like last time) but it didn't slow him down.  No more crying in the mornings at drop off.  Now I get a kiss and he is off to the races.  Here is his latest piece of artwork that came home last week.
I was at the same loss that most of you probably are right now.  All I know for sure is that I need to get it out of my car because it has dried up and it getting bits of dirt and stick all over my middle console.  I'm not sure if this or the all black painted pumpkin wins the prize for most original.
I guess you have to work with what you are given.  The past two Thursdays I've been taking Evans to story hour at the library on base where someone reads to the kids and then they do a craft.  Our first visit was successful though Evans was not as interested in listening to the story as he was in reading the book about Choo Choo's he somehow found on the shelves.
Unfortunately our last trip to story hour turned out to be more like story 8.5 minutes.  I don't know what got into Evans but all he wanted to do was run around the bookshelves and scream while the story was going on.  I tolerated this for about 5 minutes before he decided to escape into the main library and cause a commotion.  We were forced to leave early and there was NO DVD watching on the way home as punishment.  Now I'll be nervous to go back.  Something about quiet places makes Evans go berserk while being in chaotic places makes him behave perfectly.  A little backwards if you ask me.

So that is just a brief overview of what has been going on here lately.  Tomorrow I will put up all our Halloween Trick or Treating pictures and share some more of our fall adventures.  For now, I have to go start dinner and prepare for my husband watching Election stuff all night.  Happy Tuesday!


NoPermanentAddy said...

You can take the photos with your regular iPhone and then instagram them- I just figured this out a few weeks ago!