Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Southern Loop........Y'all

Before Evans was even born I pretty much knew that I was going to have to try very hard to control my urge to shop for him.  I have heard lots of mother's state that it is so much more fun to shop for little girls clothing and I have to (strongly) disagree on this point.  What can possibly be more fun than little boy clothes?  It's so easy to make them look nice and clothes can actually be worn over and over without repeating outfits!  I know, maybe I'm a little crazy but A. I'm from Atlanta where well dressed children are the norm, not the exception and B. buying my child cute clothes does not involve me having to try on clothes resulting in me feeling fat.  So there you go, my reasons for my son's great wardrobe. Each winter (all two of them that Evans has experienced) I like to stock up on long sleeve appliqued t'shirts for playtime.  These shirts are so easy to wash and since they are just t'shirts, who really cares if they get dirty.  Plus, it goes without saying that a kid should have a shirt for every holiday, right?  In the past a good friend of mine has done Evans' shirts for me but this year her schedule was too hectic and I was pointed in the direction of a sorority sister of mine, from Ole Miss, JoBeth Williams and her company Southern Loop (I know, does it get anymore Southern than my connections to JoBeth?).  I can't even express how pleasant it was to work with her on Evans' winter/holiday shirts.  And really, do they get any cuter than these?
Evans practically spazzes out to wear his "choo choo" and "toorkey" shirts each day.  And the tractor shirt on top was a gift for our across the shirt German neighbors who actually own the "dactor" that Evans talks about daily.
The "apple choo choo" above is actually navy blue even though it looks black.  5 pairs of khakis and 5 pairs of different color cords to pair with these and we are ready for winter (well, as long as we don't have to actually go outside into the German winter).  There are so many different designs to choose from and if JoBeth doesn't have exactly what you are looking for, she will find it.  Plus, once you look at her website, you won't be able to resist all the other cute things too.  Sometimes I really wish I had a shred of creativity but thankfully God made people like JoBeth to fill that roll!  Can't wait to get our next order up!
With E's initials of course.  Now if only Evans would stand still long enough for me to get some better pictures taken of him while he sports his new duds.
I'm not having a ton of luck!
And you can really see more of the muffin here than the shirt but.....
Still cute.  Thanks for indulging me JoBeth and for getting Evans all fixed up!  He gets way more excited about these than he does for all his longalls!  :)