Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What Happened Here?

Does anyone else ever find themselves bored with a couple minutes to spare (I know, yeah right) so you find yourself scrolling back through old iPhone pictures?  Considering we have about 23 old iPhones lying around the house I sometimes find myself picking them up and going through the pictures that are on them.  It's even funnier when you come across a REALLY old cell phone, like the very first ones to take pictures and find shots of yourself posing with Johnny Fairplay in a bar in Danville, Virginia.  But that is neither here nor there, right?  Anyways, I tend to scroll thru my current phone every once in awhile and lately I have been in for a couple of treats.  Last week I came across this shot and stopped for a minute to think to myself "oh that was dumb, I guess I took a picture of the ground".  Only to find this as the next shot.
Followed by....
It looks like a stuffed animal massacre has taken place.  This is just an example of roughly 80 something pictures taken in a row before I finally arrived at a shot of the culprit.
Ah-ha!  Remember those pajamas from the Halloween class party?  Busted.  Perhaps I should show him how to operate the forward facing camera (or is it called rear facing camera, I can never decide) so he can get some shots of himself doing things that are cute.  Two weeks ago I found a series of no less than 50 shots of the comforter on Deaner and I's bed.  I guess I should take better care of my electronics or one of these days there is no telling what kind of picture will be posted where!